Thursday, 24 February 2011

Wannabe Alliance v FW noobs

So they said to us, Do you really want a 1000 man alliance camping you in station?

And we replied with...

Shadows Of The Federation Declares War Against Petition This
Sent: 2011.02.16 14:09

Which was followed by...

And then...

League of Gentlemen surrenders to Shadows Of The Federation
Sent: 2011.02.24 02:14

B4D W0LF surrenders to Shadows Of The Federation
Sent: 2011.02.20 06:42


That is the third so called "Alliance" to fail cascade against our little Faction War corp. Not that I enjoy bragging rights (there are plenty of tears and empty threats I could post if I really wanted to) but we arrive ready for pvp whilst they give us the "big boy talk" and then bugger off.

It is depressing.

I always believe that lesson 1 for any new corp in Eve is – no matter what direction you plan to take, you should prepare in some way for the inevitable pvp combat that will come and find you at some point. Either get good at it, or find folks good at it to pall up with.

How the hell do people make it to "Alliance creation" without learning this?

When people joked about 0.0 being full of carebears I didn't realise they were actually being serious :s


  1. o.0 - that must be one hell of a shade of lipstick you're packing there Eelis...

  2. hahaha b4d w0lf aaaahahahaha. Failing a lot of late.

  3. It's been fun...just wish there had been more of it TBH!

  4. @H I can't take any credit, every time I jump out to 0.0 we get nothing to shoot at - I jump home and people get fights. Must be one of the guys wearing lipstick...

  5. Hahaha b4dw0lf failing again. They are funny to listen to on comms though.