Thursday, 15 April 2010

Skeletons in the hanger

Whilst cruising the blogosphere of late I have come across the "What's in your hanger" post pretty much everywhere but I'm not sure where it started out. I have a feeling it was on the delightful Eveoganda, but if the credit is wrong my apologies (and feel free to correct me).

I thought this was a fun light hearted topic and as I am in need of some light hearted typing this evening I decided to respond.

As a mature young lady, responsible parent, dedicated partner, experienced Eve player and dependable SOTF Director I feel I should apologise now before I share the content of my ship hanger. It's not the ships that are the problem, I feel that I fly what is right for my playstyle, player skill and environment. However my ship naming... well it does rather lend itself to the playground.

The thing is when you've been flying around in FW for a year or so and you like a glass of veno and you're usually pretty knackered by the time you log on you come to realise that you're not actually flying pretty spaceships anymore. You are flying wrecks-to-be.

Thus, if my short lived ships are soon to be lost in pretty explosions then it leads me to believe that I should at least make an interesting wreck name for the git who gets my loot. And in the very least a bit of crudeness makes for lighthearted giggles when someone scans the fleet. So yes, my ship names are utterly dire.

In the past I did attempt to give more serious names with some personal value but then I would be plagued by guilt when the ship blew up. I remember naming my first Ishtar after my daughter but then realising I'd be gutted enough if I lost it without the added thought of knowing that I'd just blown "my child" up. I quickly changed the name to something less meaningful.

The single trusty Dominix which I used for years of mission running did once carry the name Ophelia, after the famous painting by John Everett Millais (which I fondly remember studying at school). However with the threat of war targets and their neutral spys in high-sec I soon got into the habit of changing my ship name to something random every time I undocked. Practicality overtook sentimentality.

So there you go, that is my explanation/apology for why I suck at ship names and use such awfully crude themes.

And finally, here is a sample of my current fleet with their names:

Taranis: Bananacock
Ares: Norfolk'n'Chance (quite apt for an Ares)
Ares: Hairypie
Ares: Scatmobile
Ares: Terrible C*nt (now that does comes from the fantastic Withnail & I)
Ishkur: Mr Queefy
Ishkur: Pukeymcspewguts
Vexor: Pheasant Plucker
Vexor: Oh buggeration
Helios: Boobatron
Dominix: Fanny Flaps
Dominix: Fuzzy Flaps
Dominix: Im with primary -->
Iteron V: poostick

Now don't say I didn't warn you.

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