Tuesday 31 May 2011

Doing lots of Eve stuff, whilst not doing any Eve stuff o_0

Well that is the only title I could come up with. It's been a long day...

New blog project
I have been rather tied up of late with my new project; The Alliance website/blog for Shadow Wolves [.NET]

Just because we have a shit name doesn’t mean we have to have a shit website right? :D So here is the current look, the header is temporary (yes I know its w@nk) www.shadowwolves.net

It's been a while since I attempted anything with Wordpress but it is starting to take shape at last. Hopefully the site will become an interesting blog site as well as an Alliance info-site.

Clear Skies 3
If for some reason you didn't know this already, it's here, NOW!

Go get --> clearskiesthemovie.com

The Laedy speaks
The latest VandV podcast includes an interview with Laedy (interview starts around 31:00) which includes some info on the WGoE channel.

That’s it for now. Never know I might actually get some pewpew in to write about soon :P

Monday 23 May 2011

What would Ratchman do?

Another new dawn for SoTF has commenced :)

Earlier this year we tried the 0.0/big established Alliance thing... and it didn’t work out. Well now we're trying it from a different angle.

We have teamed up with a like-minded corporation, of similar numbers, resources and experience, and started our own alliance from scratch. That corp is Wolfsbrigade, from the Caldari militia.

Thursday 19 May 2011


Eelis dropped the case onto her bed and flicked open both catches simultaneously. The lid lifted with a light hiss as compressed air escaped from inside.

She pushed the lid back into its resting position to reveal the spongy grey cushion that filled the entire inside of the case. Slowly and carefully Eelis began to pack her personal items, gently pushing them deep into the protective cushion, whilst wondering if everything would actually make it to its destination without getting damaged.

For a Gallentean she had a surprisingly sparse amount of possessions in her quarters but what was there tended to hold some deep personal relevance. Amongst the documents and clothing currently strewn across the bed were her Federation rank medals, a simple silver ring and an odd looking black fragment of metal, about the size of a fist, which had been collected from the gutted wreck of her first Ares loss. There was a holotape entitled "Conga", a glass bottle with a crude engraving of Empress Jamyl on the side, a small glinting badge in the shape of a 5 point star and a dusty trophy with a colourful skull-and-crossbones logo on its base.

One thing Eelis did have a lot of were holo stills; clipped and framed into small flat glass cases which had once adorned the wall above her dresser they were now littered around the bed. The largest was a formal SoTF corporation photographical shot and the rest records of a great deal of drunken revelry. As she packed them away the image from one particular "still" caused an involuntary grin. The miniature 3D picture of a rather worse for wears Caldari male came to life, hugging a bottle of Triple Z Minmatar Ale. Nasty stuff at the best of times. Poor Drack, he never did quite get over that dreadful evening she chuckled to herself, whilst burying the image into a free patch of cushion.

To anyone else these items would have been a worthless bunch of knickknacks but to Eelis they were all memories of her time in Black Rise over the last 3 years. Even during her corporations' recent foray into Vale she had continued to maintain her base in Nisuwa. This station had been home for such a long time now. It was hard to let go.

"So, when do you leave?”

She looked up, startled from her thoughts as Rashmika came into the room. Although officially he had moved his own stuff out some time ago he still stopped by from time to time.

“Hey you. Well if all goes to plan, just a couple more days.”

“You're definitely going then?”

Eelis sighed. “Well, I don't really see a choice right now. Besides it might actually be fun. I take it you've not changed your mind then?”

“Heh, I think it's better this way don't you?”

It wasn’t a question that required an answer but Eelis still felt a need to feign greater concentration in her packing.

When the last of her treasures and other belongings were safely sealed away she closed the clasps on the case and carried it over to the door where 3 other cases, of similar design but different shapes, already sat.

Hands on hips, she turned and studied the room. Just a dark shell now with its built in bed and cupboards. Simple, grey, practical. So dreadfully Caldari. The ever present planet outside looming in through the porthole. The only out of place item now was Rash, sitting cross-legged on the bed, lost in a holopad.

He didn't look up but seemed to sense her mood. "You going to miss it?”

“What’s to miss now? There’s nothing here anymore. Black Rise is not what it used to be. “

“Too many people moved on. The Governments don’t care. Capsuleers are wasted on this war now.” He replied, matter-of-factly.

“I guess so. So what about you?”

“I dunno honey. Come what may. There’s still plenty work for me in High-sec.” He sighed. “Hell, we’ll probably all be back in the Militia in a few months.”

“Yeah maybe!” she laughed. Though deep down she couldn’t escape the feeling of finality that surrounded this next move. Whatever the future held she knew that Nisuwa was a part of her past now. For a wistful moment her sentimentality got the better of her.

“So is this... you know..?”

Rash looked up now. Then stood and walked over. As he embraced her Eelis dropped her head on to his shoulder. She took a deep breath and relaxed.

“We’re never really that far far away you know.”

“Yeah, I know.” She replied wistfully “Maybe I could leave a clone behind here for you to visit when you’re bored”

“Hah! Now I like that idea.” So what were your plans for tonight anyway?

“Uhh, well. A bunch of unexpected alliance stuff, the last of my ships need sorting too. Oh and a bunch of mods to move out for trading…”

“I’ve got a better idea.” He interrupted

“Oh yeah? What’s that?”

“How ‘bout some final docking games instead?”

Eelis laughed and allowed herself to be lead onto the bed. As she lost herself in the moment her eyes glanced briefly up to the porthole. She couldn’t help wondering if this would be the last time they made love in front of Nisuwa VII.

Tuesday 17 May 2011

Escalations, pvp style!

I've been meaning to write about this fight since it happened last Friday but rl and some new developments in corp have not allowed for much blogging lately. Lock out wrote a spiffing battle report on failheap so I've asked permission to plagiarise that instead:

[Posted by Lock out]

Ok, long story long on the Quam supers.

As FW is literally dead cos we know each others tricks too well after 2 years, SOTF has started roaming nullsec with our esteemed opponents from caldari militia, Wolfsbrigade. As we were forming up for a shield roam in to Syndicate, we got intel on a Quam gang of faction BS with only a couple of guardians. The smal number of logistics made it plain obvious that they had a hotdrop prepared, so we figured if we can escalate, we would get them to drop some supers, especially knowing that it doesn't take much encouragement for Quam to field some Nyxs ;)

We reshipped in to BS with logi, I hopped in a triage archon well knowing that if things go according to plan it will be a sacrificial lamb, got some HICs for good measure and proceeded to batphone Raiden. who were out bashing a station. As moving the supers in to jump range of Black Rise/Essence/Placid was gonna take a while, our BS fleet had to dance with Quam for a while, staying close enough to keep them interested but far enough so they are not forced in to a fight when we didn't have the backup in place yet.

As they were getting bored and heading towards Heyd , we got word that backup is in place, so we proceeded chasing. With them making best speed to Indregulle it was looking like they either figured that we took too long and we had a tarp or they just got bored and were heading home. Our scout was instructed to let them know in local that we will fight, and to our delight we instantly got reports of them holding on murethand gate in indregulle.

We primaried a Vindicator and lit the cyno, I jumped my archon in and triaged. Within the next 10 seconds they replied with a cyno of their own, but much to our disappointment, all that came in were 2 archons. Even bigger of a surprise (and bit of a mistake if I may say) was that both their archons triaged simultaneously. At this point in the fight we had the upper hand due to our superior numbers, the fact that we had 7-8 guardians in addition to the triage archon and not least the great work of our falcon pilot who kept the Bhaalgorn jammed, ensuring I stay cap happy. The only issue we had was that we could not break their reps either, the Vindi and the Navy Geddon we switched to at some point beeing repped up in no time. But that was all about to change within the next minute.

Reports came on comms that we managed to neut dry one of the 2 archons, so taking advantage of the fact that triage did not allow him to be remote repped and lack of cap prevented him from self repping, we proceeded to primary him. As he was entering structure, they decided that they should do the same to us, so they started shooting my archon. Fortunately, with a fat capacitor, I was able to rep till the end of the triage cycle, exiting triage afterwards and getting reps from our logis. Their archon exploded , probably seconds before finishing his triage cycle, and by now it was clear that they either escalate further or lose at least a second carrier if not some faction BS too. Our HIC pilots who waited a jump out are getting impatient due to missing carrier kills and are asking if they should come in, they are beeing told yes, then 2 seconds later are beeign told to hold, Raiden. are also getting impatient and would like to come in to at least get some kills, but are persuaded to wait some more, and indeed half a minute later everyone's patience pays off when 3 Nyxs pop up on our overviews. We light a new cyno, the Raiden. supers come in, my Archon has fulfilled it's purpose so it's now exploding to the Quam nyxs, those nyxs explode to Raiden Nyxs and everyone except for Quam has a happy friday night.

Mad props to Raiden. for forming up and moving so quickly and also for reimbursing the carrier loss, to SOTF and W-BR for making things go exactly as planned in the beginning and to Quam for going down fighting.

Original Post: http://failheap-challenge.com/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=256&p=57999#p57999

Slightly squiffy Battle report: (will update shortly when eve kill is back up)


And I'll add to that my own massive props to W-BR and our FC. It’s the first time I've been in a proper fleet lead by dirty squids. Whilst I've seen some fun pvp "escalations" before with baits, batphones, cynos and surprise buttsecks, I don't think I've ever seen such a fight put together and executed so quickly and perfectly before.

For my own part, I had been geared up for the originally planned shield fleet that night and when the call to ship to armour went out I was ill prepared. I think I had the only BC on the field when it first kicked off and despite sterling reps I of course did not last long. As I ran my pod next door to dock up I was chuffed to find an abandoned Vexor in the station hanger all ready to undock... yes of course I went back and ninjad, oh it was such joyful whoring.

Some purdy pics, albeit my graphics are down low at the moment:

Another escalation of sorts is about to kick off for me and my corp mates as SoTF will leave the Gallente Militia again in a few days. Off we go to our next adventure in our ongoing quest for glorious pewpew. I shall tell more of this soon (tm).


Monday 9 May 2011

Still alive. Now with added tweet.

Yes I am still here but aside from one recent blob incident and one recent being blobbed incident (karma eh hehe!) I have not been doing much Eve-ing of late. This is largely down to my new job, which is awesomesauce but hurting the hell out of my puny brain and leaving me pretty knackered when I get home.

From what I have seen though Black Rise is as dead as it was before we left to join RAGE and SoTF has actually taken to roaming round 0.0 with one of our war-target corporations, Wolfsbrigade, rather than flying around looking for FW fights. Poor FW :(

Anyhoo. I thought I should let you know that you can now find me on Twitter tweeting randomly about Eelis and Eve. Previously I've had zero interest in tweeting or twitter in general but for educational purposes (have been working irl with social media a lot of late) I have now started an Eve related account.

So, if you'd like to hear all the latest info on how Eelis exploded, what she had for breakfast or how many poops she did today (I'm joking I promise) you can follow me at @eeliskiy.

BBS. Fly wasted o7