Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Busy days

It's been a rather busy few weeks here both in Shadows and for me at home.

In game my corp has just held its first official AGM's, prompting much debate, discussion and planning. I myself have been busy pimping around with recruitment as well as working on a new medal system for the corp (I do so love all that pointless but fluffy stuff). Our first new members are getting settled in although I was surprised to see one had left the corp unexpectedly within just a few days. Upon checking my mail I found a message from him explaining that in a moment of drunkenness he tried to remove himself from a fleet... but removed himself from the corp instead, and could he please come back. I have a funny feeling he's going to fit in just fine around here.

We have sadly just said goodbye to one long standing Director who has decided to move on (best of luck Jerus!) but also welcomed a new face to the warm but stressfull bosom of management (Congrats Wladyslaw!). SOTF has also just passed quite a corp landmark in reaching 10000 kills. Not a bad thing at all for what started out 18 months ago as just 3 pilots fed up with 0.0 and looking for something a bit different.

On top of that FW is really starting to pick up again. Every time I log on there seems to be a fleet engagement going on. All the more flustrating when rl has been busy and I can't get on long enough to join in the fun. Although I did make a special effort to be online on April 1st for a special event which sort of went to plan. I am hopefull this will become a long corp tradition.

The topic of plexing has also risen its ugly head for corp debate recently. In the past we have had a small and outnumbered camp of dedicated plexers who battled endlessly against both CCPs obliviousness and a large portion of players who considered plexing to be a pointless, boring, pve activity... and I confess I have always been firmly in that camp. However, the merits of plexing and plex related pvp have been championed quite fiercely in corp since we were joined by self confessed button addict Greg6. Greg has racked up quite a number of kills in FW and always seems to be busy in one engagement or another, even when our traditional corp fleets are quiet. He attributes much of this to plex engagements. There has been a murmur of agreement in corp to support Greg and our other plexers and so I have reluctantly been shopping for some Destroyers, ready to embrace that which I detest. I'll keep you updated with how this goes. Alright G6, I am here for conversion, do your worst!



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