Wednesday 18 August 2010

A trip to the unknown

Last night I had my first proper fleet skirmish in about 3 weeks. Feeling a little rusty (and a teeny bit tipsy -.-) I joined a corp. run Battlecruiser fleet as a fast tackler and off we headed down the pipe towards Tama.

I'd been on and off coms due to RL (why do people phone just when your fleet undocks damit?) but picked up that a fight was about to kick off between the Caldari militia and local pirates Snuff. Our intention had been to land in the middle and slug it out in a lovely big threesome. Once our forward scouts informed us that it was kicking off we jumped and warped to the fight but sadly as we landed they were all leaving. We grabbed one Hurricane but that was it, bleh.

From there we spent about 30mins travelling round low-sec looking for something else to play with but with no success. Then some bright spark suggested heading into the nearby 0.0 entrance for a mooch. ZERO ZERO? SURELY NOT SIR! Yes I guess it still holds much fear for me, fear of the unknown? I have had 3 trips into 0.0 in my entire Eve life and one of those was by accident.

One thing I have noticed about most FW corps. is that they usually have a varied mix of player types and ours is typical in that respect. Some of my comrades were as noobish about 0.0 as myself whilst others had previously lived out there for 2 or 3 years. Spirits were high and our nice little fleet deserved a good scrap so in we went.

We had a peaceful little mooch round 4 or 5 systems with really annoying names, killed a few rats, blew up an abandoned bubble and popped a Viator.

Heading back towards low-sec our scouts spotted a potential scrap on a station where 2 battleships had undocked, these then docked up when we arrived but were replaced by a Chimera which we got stuck into... just as local started to spike and several new pilots undocked.

We bounced away from the station as a scout got eyes on a group of targets now on one of the outgates, headed over and ended up in a rather nice little scrap:

Eve-kill seems to have gotten worse lately with mixing battle reports up and the friendly side there has some extra folks in but you get the idea. Props to the FC and our scouts who did an excellent job of leading us out of our comfort zone and into unknown territory. Much more fun than wandering low-sec for invisible war-targets and the decision paid off with a nice little fight. Certainly made a change to shoot neutrals on my overview, I still felt dirty though!

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  1. Hehe nice fight! Yeah, it's always good to mix things up in EVE a bit. Especially this time of year, as low-sec seems to be quiet.
    You should come with me on a 0.0 roam sometime! I've spent quite a bit of time there, yet I still find it scary >.<