Thursday 12 August 2010

Whose side are you on?

Ahh the summer holidays. Sunshine, breaks from school/college/uni, screaming kids, ice-cream, festivals, barbeques and the season of porta-loos.

For many people it is a time for family, kicking back and taking a break from the normal routine. As such, the summer holiday, along with the Christmas break, is traditionally when gaming gets a bit quieter for a lot of people. I have seen this happen in predominantly EU corps. and guilds in the various MMOS I have played over several years.

Here in Eve-Online SOTF is no different. Traditionally the corp. has a huge downturn in activity in the summer – it was the same last year and the year before and it will be the same next year and the year after. The AFK forum starts buzzing; our fleets and kills dwindle.

However, for some reason this year our current lack of activity seems to be drawing comment and critique from, of all places, the Gallente Militia. I keep coming across mutterings and hearing complaints which appear to show a change in attitude towards SOTF and its current lack of activity.

Now I’m not one for tittle-tattling and if some ill-informed agenda monkeys want to speculate out loud, well it’s their problem not ours – but for the sake of setting straight any non-truths that might be circling about the place I’d like to indulge in a little record straightening.

1. SOTF is not dying, dead, disbanding, arguing, having fallouts or anything of the sort. We are our usual sunny selves, nothing has changed.

2. It’s the summer and we are a corp. that consists of people with kids/families/WAGs and HABs/people who have better things to do than sit at their desk indoors when the sun is shining – as such this is the time of year where we have other things to do. It’s the same every year and it really doesn’t mean sh!t about the status of the corp. (other than that our tan lines are like totally superior to yours).

3. SOTF is currently the top killing corp. of all time in the Gallente militia and yeah it’s something we are proud of. However if we lose that spot we will not cry, we will not have supa sekrit meetings on our corp. failings and we will not emo-rage quit. No, we will salute whoever is above us. Seriously. We spend half our time drunk and doing karaoke on Vent so I really don’t understand why anyone would assume we would be butt hurt over something like this. We're a corp. out for a good time - we don't play to wave shiny killboard numbers around.

4. OH HARRO, WE'RE ON THE SAME SIDE! – So come now, enough with the fail-hate. We're just fine, there's no need to worry about us - maybe get over yourselves and get on with killing the squids and pies? We'll be back with you, in full force, soon enough.

Now where’s that new bikini shot I just uploaded...


  1. Yeah, I've noticed this too... it happens every year no matter what corp I'm in. I hope it's no-one in Bi-Po giving you guys a hard time by the way!
    Oh, and I love the bikinis pic ^^

  2. Nice post Eelis. What a lot of people forget, probably because we do so well, is we're not that "serious" a corp. What I mean by that is we play for fun and shits and giggles. And in the summer, scuba diving (for me anyway), days out and the most important one you missed, the BEER GARDEN, are all more fun than Eve tbh. Wait till September when people return to normal and there will be a spike in activity. In the mean time, lets all enjoy the summer and I'm going to get myself an nice chilled Stongbow and back to ignoring the whispering tw@ts!

  3. HERE HERE! Now I am off to the pub.

  4. Boozing, boating, and bbq is the order of the day in the summer. Eve is usually only on the days I try to sober up on.

  5. Well that last comment wasn't from a SoTF member.... no way they'd ever try to "sober up" :o)