Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Killmail Ship Stats - What do yours say about you?

As you may have noticed SoTF has left RAGE and re-joined the Gallente Militia. I have a detailed post coming on this soon (tm) but suffice to say we are happy to be back in our old stomping grounds.

I was very much looking forward to joining in with the pewpew this evening however my PC is not enjoying the heat-wave as much as my tan is. So whilst my other-half tinkers with my melted CPU (well not quite that bad but almost) I've hopped onto his PC and written a little blog meme to pass the time...

Killmail ship stats
Most killboards have a stats page listing the ships and weapons you have used on all of your killmails. We got talking about our top numbers this evening during a fleet form-up and I thought it would make a fun blog post. I'm going to take a look at my numbers and see what they say about me. Feel free to join in.

Ares : 601 kills
Oh lord, that many? I am not a killmail whore, honest. Tackling for militia fleets was the first thing I worked out how to do well in low-sec. I soon became addicted to scouting and tackling and flew an Ares almost exclusively for about 5 months. So yes, I'm quite proud of my Ares stats!

Dominix : 107 kills
The bulk of these kills will be from flying RR Domis in low-sec. I used to see the Dominix as the staple of RR fleets in big Gal Militia form ups and later in more organised corp fleets. However, as the stakes got higher specialist logistics became the preferred method of RR support and so my Domi collection got a little dusty. My most recent Domi related kills are likely to be from neuting carriers and super caps when everyone and their aunty started hot-dropping SOTF a few months ago.

Ishkur : 101 kills
Although the Enyo is arguably the better of the 2 Gallente Assault Frigs (well so I hear a lot anyway) I have always favoured the Ishkur. It appeals to my kitey-with-drones preference over in-yo-face-with-blasters and has often been my choice for small roaming frigate gangs.

Taranis : 82 kills
Have to say I am surprised to see so many Taranis kills. I have had 1 solo ranis expedition (where I died in a fire) and I never quite got the hang of close up dog fighting. However, being aware that the Taranis is supposed to be a good pvp ship (in the right hands) I have tried to experiment with it in smaller fleets particularly in my earlier militia days.

Hurricane : 72 kills
My first Minmatar entry. I simply adore flying arty canes. Quite a new ship to my repertoire but now a staple of my pvp diet.

Thorax : 42 kills
Another close-up-in-your-face ship that I have tried to love but it was not meant to be. I have experimented with a few fits but never quite had the skill to carry off do-or-die blaster boats.

Vexor : 39 kills
I do love the Vexor, such a versatile ship and often under-rated. I fell in-love with it all over again when I threw out the hybrids and tried it with projectiles. I would like to see this kill number go up now that I am back in low-sec.

Hound : 24 kills
I can fly 2 Stealth Bombers, this is fave. Mostly because it looks like an abstract Christmas tree.

Incursus: 20 kills
These kills will be from corp pvp tournaments and suicide fleets, as well as fleets with FC's I didn't particularly trust :P

Rapier : 15 kills
A new entry to my fleet. I very much enjoyed flying this in null in a supporting role. I hope to see this kill number go up quite a bit more.

Nemesis : 15 kills
My first attempts at Stealth Bomber flying - all these kills are likely to be from "fishing" fleets, aka camping the Nourv gate in Tama!

Muninn : 8 kills
Another new entry to my fleet. Still trying to work out what to make of this ship.

Arazu : 8 kills
This zu is actually a borrowed ship. I am not sure if I will buy one yet tbh, having too much fun in the Rapier.

Catalyst : 7 kills
Crikey. Can't actually remember the last time I flew a Catalyst. I've never been a big plexer but I suspect these are from my early militia days and a few enemy-high-sec faction war fleets.

Enyo : 3 kills
My few attempts at flying an Enyo. If CCP ever revisit Hybrids I am sure I will fly this ship a little more.

Velator : 3 kills & Iteron V: 2 kills
Wine + drunken comrades = lol fleets :)

Rifter : 1 kill
What kind of pvp'er only has 1 kill in a Rifter? A NOOB. What kind of pvp'er has more kills in an Iteron V than a Rifter? A DRUNKEN NOOB.

Tristan : 1 kill
I suspect this was from a corp pvp tournament.

So, in a nutshell; I'm a Gallente noob who sucks with blasters, flies cheap and cheerful and has recently crossed into Minmatar. Sounds about right! I really must get a few shinies on that list sometime.

So, what do your stats say about you?

And if you are wondering where you can get your stats from; On Eve-Kill go to your own page then click on the "Statistics > Ships & Weapons" link on the left. For example:



  1. I'm certainly going to check into this tonight - great post!! It's a meme starting. ;)

  2. I love seeing pilots new to Minnie ships and lovin' them. Seriously, best PvP ships IMHO, although the number of kills I have in a Drake is, well, a bit shameful to me.

  3. Ew dirty drake! I've seen a few comrades who've gone from Gallente - Minmatar recently, funny seeing them all get so excited about guns at last despite X years in game already. Wish I'd crossed over ages ago.

    @eonjunk - feel free to link your post if you do one o/

  4. The Ishkur is far superior to the Enyo.

    Why? Because it's got three mids so you can properly apply deeps.

    Ranis is a good pvp ship but they die a lot and aren't very suitable as gang tacklers (Ares bonuses make a lot more sense).

  5. I've never really found a reason to fly an Ares personally. A Malediction is faster, and a Stiletto has more mids, so the Ares has always fallen in an awkward place for me, and one has been languishing in my hangar forever.

  6. My list:


    How did I not know you have a blog? I'm going to have to keep an eye on this; from the posts I've seen so far it looks to be an interesting read. As to the actual subject of this post, all I can really say about anything I fly is, "not enough".

    I'm sure I'll see you around the pipes sometime!

  8. Hey Dian! I didn't know you had a blog either! WB to Faction War btw - you can explode me and work on your stats any time (unless i get you first! *sneaky eyes*) o/

  9. Great post! also, I'm very glad to hear you're all back to Factional Warfare. It just suits you :) Looking forward to reading more epic battle reports.