Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Grumpy cow writes a battle report

If I had an isk for every time someone has nagged me to do a new blog post I'd have at least 4.5 isks by now.

It's nice to be wanted, but in addition to being horrendously busy and hormonal as hell I confess that some aspects of my rl have been a little soul sapping of late which has killed both my desire to log into Eve and my ability to do anything remotely creative.

But OK, I feel a little guilty now for trying to take blog break. So I have cobbled together my memories of the fleet I was able to join last night and can present a battle report for your viewing pleasure.

But I apologise now if there is a hint of angry hormonal cow who needs a holiday, a litre of sangria and a big tub of Ben & Jerrys Phish Food to my post -.-

RAGE v DarkSide - 05/04/2011
My original plan had been to hop on and join a pre-planned corp shield fleet but by the time I actually sat down at my PC the fleet had morphed into a 50 strong, armour based, RAGE Home Defence operation. I pulled out my Rapier and hung about for 20mins whilst not paying much attention to Eve as I was watching Hollyoaks on TV (because Warren is FIT).

Off we eventually went to track down a DarkSide gang that was mooching about nearby causing the locals the drop their tea and cakes. After a few minutes of Benny Hill-ing around Vale we ended up all the way... next door to where we had first formed up. It was here we began a tricky but rather fun little scrap.

Here is the battle report:

Sooo, it doesn’t look too impressive on paper, and that's because it probably wasn't as far as stats go heh! I think it is fair to say that this is mostly Gallactica's fault for loosing 2 ships, one of which was a v expensive Proteus. You just can't get the staff these days eh? Feel free to boo at him in local, he won't mind at all.

DarkSide were in a speedy shield gang and quickly burned out to 100km+ from our fleet whilst we tried to close the gap and pick off any ships that we'd managed to web/scram. Round about now I realised my error in watching Hollyoaks and not keeping proper ears on our fleet forming coms because my Rapier was fitted with an AB and not a MWD. Thus I quickly burnt out all of my mid slots in my efforts to actually be useful with my webs. Tits :(

Overall our Logis were holding us up pretty well but despite a bit of chastising on coms our fleet did end up spread out like butter between the gate and the DarkSide fleet. The result was some folks finding themselves out of rep-range of our logis, which is not a nice place to be when faced with DarkSide's high alpha.

But even taking this into account, it was a pretty entertaining scrap. Coms was light and fluffy, just how we Shadows types like it, and we got some nice kills. Props to all the sharp eyed scramers/webbers slowing down the appropriate targets (whilst yours truly tried in vain to keep up).

In spite of my inappropriate fit I am generally quite enjoying flying the Rapier and last night I also got to experience the newish feature of broadcasted targets moving to the top of the overview. Yay for lazy primary finding (and for non-english speakers in fleet hehe). Now if only CCP would make the "I need armour" buttons detatchable so we could keep them somewhere handy on ones interface rather than squished at the bottom of the fleet window. I digress.

I have to give a virtual "Man of the Match" award to this Drake of doom (and his rr support) which took about 20 dog years die.

I am unfamiliar with the history of DarkSide and RAGE/NC but the general consensus coming over coms from our non-shadows attendees seemed to be yay for them actually engaging and that the engagement was fun, if not particularly graceful.

So, I declare this battle WIN and /up yours to the killboards.

DarkSide eventually left the field and we hopped home for a quick bio before heading out again for round 2, and again with DarkSide.

But sadly rl was about to fry my Eve-ing for the night. Quite literally. Just as the scrap kicked off my PC turned itself off -.-

I've been having a few issues with overheating lately and it appears my pewpew of the past hour had upset the temperature again. This time round DarkSide had reshipped and our plan had been to pop a few ships then GTFO. With that in mind, and the fact I was currently in a bubble, I knew I'd probably lost my Rapier.

I had a brief vision of our logis trying to save my sorry butt in the hope I would log back in soon (as has happened before) so I dropped a quick text to one of the Directors explaining that I would be gone for the night. The reply was somewhat akin to a Doctor-in-the-hospital-waiting-room giving the gravest news we did everything we could but in the end...

WTB New Rapier.

Although on a plus when I logged in again at 2am (don’t ask) I got my pod home. In yo face DarkSide! (medical clones are getting expensive so yes I shall celebrate this small mercy).

So there you have it, a bit of action at last. Now stop nagging me to be fun whilst I am trying to be miserable and mopey -.-



  1. Armor broadcast, you can set up a keyboard shortcut (mine is ALT ` my overload ranks are ALT 1, ALT 2, ALT 3 so it's easy for the O'h crap SAVE ME! finger switch hehe). Also the broadcast targets appear in the history (like armor broadcasts) so you don't even need overview if you're orbiting a corpie hehe).

    (Also you can pick and choose which broadcasts you see, so you don't need to see armor ones if not in logi.)

  2. What S8 said. Or get a G15... ;)

    Also, welcome back you grumpy cow!


  3. Welcome back Eelis!
    Colorful as always and maybe even a bit more than usual?
    "...causing the locals to drop their tea and cakes", "Benny-Hilling", "Up your's to the killboards". Great stuff!
    Might I suggest a can or 2 of compressed air to thoroughly clean out your pc's innards? Might save a Rapier or 2.

  4. Thank you guys.

    @ Roman - I think just a bit blasé atm though I'm sure i've been far more colourful in some other posts heh! I need to get my fun mojo back, things have been too serious of late :)

    @ S8 - you sir are a font of knowledge, I really must sort out my hotkeys, I keep forgetting to set a drone attack one up also.

  5. Don't forget your return to drone bay one as well.