Monday 6 June 2011

The wonderful offline community of Eve Online

I'll cut to the chase. I have decided to take a looong break from Eve. My sub ran out last week and I have no desire to renew it. I might be back in a few months, a year or maybe never.

I had a post all drawn out on my reasons for leaving but it was all mopey and depressing. In a nutshell, after 5 fun filled years of playing Eve Online it is time to move on.

Of course not playing Eve will make blogging about Eve pretty hard to do and so this is probably my last blog post on wtfims.

To that end, I thought I would share a few of WTFIMS's vital statistics from Google Analytics...

Total visits: 17,220
Page views: 29,006
Absolute Unique Visitors: 9,608

After the homepage, the most viewed individual blog post was: Confessions of a carebear with 1450 views (incidentally my own favourite post).

Most random search engine keywords that some how lead people to my site:

Qcats Eve Blog: 36 hits
eve online gay corp: 25 hits
carebear corps: 6 hits
grow some balls: 4 hits
eve online lexx: 2 hits (haha you have a stalker lexx!)
balls that grow in hands: - 1 hit (wtf...)

Most disappointed visitors have got to be these peeps:

eve online where is my ship: 6 hits
i can't see my ship eve: 3 hits
eve how to find my ship: 2 hits

Most disturbing statistic: 14% of visitors are still using Internet Explorer. C’mon now people, it’s time to let go..

People from over 60 different territories have found their way to my little site. I love that, mmos unite the world!

The top 5 countries for visitors were:
1. America
2. Great Britian
3. Australia
4. Canada
5. Germany

My fav location stat though is the "2 visitors" I get from United Arab Emeirates... my eve friend emigrated there a couple of years ago, so I'm guessing he's read my site at at work as well as at home haha!

Now then, onto the sort of point I am slowly trying to make here. Yes there is an actual point I promise.

65% of all my visitors have come via referring sites. After Eve-O, Google and my corp's forum the biggest referral sites were Life in lowsec, Crazy Kinuxs Musings, and Antiquityinspace.

When I saw this I decided to count up the total number of referring sites that were fellow eve bloggers or player made websites – I gave up when I got to 100!

Eve Online has an absolutely fantastic offline community. When I first made this blog I did not anticipate how many people I would get to know or become friends with, just through blogging, and how this would greatly enhance my last 12 months in New Eden. I would encourage everyone to give it a go.

One thing I learned quickly was that the more you interact with others on the blog-o-sphere and the more generous you are with your own promotion of other people the more others will interact with you. And when this happens up go the number of people coming to see your site.

And so I'd like to say a HUMONGOUS THANK YOU to everyone who has enjoyed reading this site and to everyone who has pimped the blog or a particular post. Especially mucho thanks those who talked CK into adding me to the blog-pack. This was a huge honour for me, I hope I was worthy.

I would also like to send out some internet hugz to Laedy, Lexx, Drackarn, Mynxee, Crazy Kinux, Arrhidaeus, Kuan, Jarred, and CCP TonyG. Whether for pimping my posts, encouraging me to carry on, being generous with your comments/cross-linking or simply because you are a total Factional Warfare fanboi noob, like me - I thank you!

And last but not least - because she won't have access to my corp forum and I cannot drop an Eve mail now - Dian, I really enjoyed your company (thanks to the WGOE channel). I regret that we never got to fly together or have a 1v1. I think we could have had a right giggle noobing it up together. I enjoyed our little chats and I hope you continue to have fun in Eve, even if you are a dirty squid :P

If anyone would like to keep in touch I will still be hanging around on and you can always reach me at

Fly wasted o/


  1. Awwww spit! Really sorry to see you go. Hope to see you back.


  2. Your blog was appreciated. Stay safe!


    But remember your content is what actually draws people to your blog. That I link it is just to give myself some credibility in having good taste.

  4. hey eelis
    i am sad to see you go. i really enjoyed reading your blog.
    stay safe.

  5. Boo. Does this mean we're not on for our comedy 1v1 now?

    I'll just assume you would have won.

    See you in a few months. The infinite gravity well of New Eden knows you and will never let you go.


    Gutted your off for X amount of time :(

    Hope you and your other half see sense and come back soon!

    And yes, I was probably the two UAE visitors. Home net and mobile phone.

    Cannot believe one of the people who turned me from a carebear to PvP is off. You'll be missed :(

    And one last thing.....


  7. Sad, sad day. :(

    I'm really sorry to see you go Eelis. Your presence in-game always brightened everyone's day & the quality of your writing here fully justified your inclusion into the Blog Pack. It was a no-brainer to nominate you quite frankly.

    I have to also thank you personally for getting me over a couple of Eve 'rough spots'- your sensible advice and copious amounts of swearing :) helped me a lot, and for that I can't thank you enough.

    Fly safe in whatever you decide to do, and hopefully we'll see you back sooner rather than later.


    PS I have a stalker?! Cool, I've always wanted one of those! :D

  8. Aww, noooo! Who's going to be my mortal enemy now? :( I too wish we'd gotten to fly together, even though SotF only really got cozy with W-BR after I'd left the corp, and randomly running into your pod on a gate doesn't really count. ("Shadows pod landing!" "If you can take the gate guns, go for- hold your fire, it's Eelis." :P)

    Best of luck for the future, hon, and don't be too much of a stranger! I'm actually in pretty regular contact with some of the people in your unfortunately-named alliance (Loren and FG come to mind, along with a few of the other W-BR peeps), so maybe we can pass messages back and forth that way. Wherever the road leads, I hope it's awesome, and you'll definitely be missed! (At least until you come back - they always come back...)

  9. Thanks for all the posts Eelis. Your blog was always one of my very favourites to read. I've enjoyed your humour and insight and excellent battle reports.

    I totally understand your decision for an EVE break (and therefore blog break). I too am thinking of giving EVE a good long rest after the Alliance Tournament is over. Sometimes there's just a lot of IRL living that needs to be done outside the game.

    Also, EVE sometimes gets a bit stale, and I think it's been a long time since CCP have done something really interesting to help keep veteran PVP'ers interested. Maybe you'll find another game that's got a bit more instant gratification? (hint hint - World of Tanks??? My name is Laedy on that too ^^ )

    Anyways, thanks for all the mentions you've given me in your blog and for WGOE. It's been a pleasure being your space buddy and I hope we can keep in touch and see each other in space or elsewhere some day :)

    Much love girly ♥♥♥

  10. Your blog always made interesting reading. Hope you be going eve crazy within two months lol.

  11. Pants!
    Count me as another fan who will sorely miss your writings, Eelis. I've enjoyed your blog from the first day I found it.

    I still get the same chills of excitement re-reading your first fleet fight experience.

    I sincerely hope to see you back soon.
    The Eve blog world is poorer without you.