Monday 4 July 2011

VandV Podcast Interview: Eelis Kiy

Hello all

There is a new Voices from the Void podcast up featuring yours truly. I talk a bit (a lot!) on Faction War and also why I left Eve.

This interview had been planned some time ago but it has taken a while to sit down and do it. So there was plenty of time to practice all the sensible coherent things I would say when it happened.

Then it happened... and I was quite nervous and it was way past my bed time, so I missed a lot of sensible stuff out and blabbered on a bit!

Nevertheless it was great fun and Arydanika is lovely to chat to.

Enjoy o/

ps - my twitter account is now


  1. Lol, voices from the voice

  2. Corrected. It's been a long day -.-

  3. The shit? Are we really that bad? :(

    Oh you meant the bomb! :)