Saturday 30 July 2011

Got Corp?

SoTF has opened its doors to new recruits so I thought I'd give them a little shout out here. If you like being drunk and shooting stuff in the face all night then they might just be what you are looking for :) >Eve-O thread here with more details<

In addition; to help with the recruitment drive I have put together a little promo vid... enjoy!



  1. Fantastic video. Soooo jealous of people who can make stuff like that! However, I used the poster that you made of our Great and Glorious CEO dressed in a PVC French Maids Outfit, in my blog post on the same topic and to be fair, I think that jpg is on a par with this video in terms of awesomeness -

  2. Thanks Drack. I was going to put that snap in the video, but I think theres only so far I can go before his wife comes round and beats me up.