Friday, 26 March 2010

A blatant plug

Yes yes a crass usage of my deep and inspiring blog platform to promote a corp. But I'm the Recruitment Director what do you expect eh?

Actually my reason for posting something on here is far more selfish than that. It gives me a place to show off the above artwork. I spent 4 hours on it, getting it just right. Our corp logo was re-imagined and created from scratch. I trawled screenshots to get ones that would go just right. The strap lines at the bottom giving a lighthearted Gallente Federation RP edge to the scene. I proudly showcased my work on our forum, hoping it would be approved by the other directors to use in our official Eve forum recruitment post - only to have it likened to a tampon advert... bleh.

So I started again, stripped it all down to the bare bones and created a new piece of "art" in less than 5mins which, I think, says a lot about our corp. It also stars our very own CEO.

Want to see how it looks? >>Well here is the final advert<<


  1. A nice advert, but it doesn't say what system(s) you're based out of. I say this not necessarily because I'm interesting in joining, but rather, I'm interested I've never shot at you all before (which your advert makes me want to do, but not in the "OMG I HATE U" kind of way, but in the "These people look like they'd give me satisfying fights" kind of way).

    Oh, and welcome to the blogging community!

  2. Thanks :D

    Well I tend to explain more when I speak to folks but we have a few bases. You can usually find us between Heyd and Nisuwa though we roam all over Blackrise looking for target fleets. It did go rather quiet toward the end of last year but recently we've seen a nice increase in Caldari militia activity(our war targets), our own (Gallente) militia activity and of course with that we get more Pirate interest - so theres probably something for you to shoot at round here heh!

    We certainly enjoy our pewpew, the more the merrier o7

  3. Ahh, that would explain it. I'm more or less based out of Evati, so Heydeiles is one of my informal turn-around points. I might have to push my luck and go a bit further next time (and hope it doesn't end in a 40+ jump home in my pod).

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  5. Nice advert and good luck with recruitment--you dirty anti-pirates, LOL! <3