Monday 27 September 2010

Li'l update...

Work-family-work-family-work-family GAAAH... don't these people know I have internet spaceships to blow up? Yes real life is kah-pwning my Eve time of late, which in turn prevents any interesting blog writing! However I would like to do a mini update on a few things.

The quest for pvp
Faction War is quiet again, bleh. In my limited online times I have seen two pretty nice Caldari
fleets out, being countered by big shiny fleets including Carrier support. But overall there isn't enough going on to keep the corp.’s lust for explosions sated.

There are various discussions on our forums about different tactics or areas of game play we could explore to get our pvp kicks, personally I am hoping for some 0.0 roaming.

I understand that fellow Gallente militia corp., QCats, have decided (or are in the process of deciding, not sure which) on going down the piracy route. Can't say that I blame them, they will certainly have a lot more targets to choose from if they do. It's probably never going to be an option for SOTF though. I have nothing against piracy myself (I love reading pirate blogs!) and nor do most of our corp., many being ex-pirates themselves, but it simply doesn't suit the play-style or ethos of the corp. as a whole. I think a big deciding factor behind it has always been that our CEO wants everyone to know what to expect from SOTF members when they see us out and about and as such it is not often we fire on neutrals in low-sec, unless we know they are hostile in some way.

On a personal note, I have 2 Brutix (Brutixes? Bruti?) a couple of Vexors plus a whole bunch of Rifters just waiting to die in a big ball of solo-fail-explosion. In addition I am just a few days away from Minmatar Cruisers 5, opening the door to lots of new ships to play with... all I need now is to a) not be completely knackered b) time to sit down at my computer and c) join a fleet that doesn’t nag me to fly as tackle!

In other coming soon (tm) news I am still poking about with a big Faction War guide and also working on a few new Faction War interviews.

If we do it in a bubble will she still get a surprise in her drone bay?
You might have seen the Eve-O story on - a rather fun way to procrastinate away your lunch hour and help other Eve-players at the same time. It's a little bit like "Yahoo answers" but specifically for Eve questions. I've been mucking about with it for a few days and have to say I hope it keeps going. It seems to be sensibly managed, well thought out and so far a much less flame-ridden place to ask questions than the Eve forums can be. >>Take a look<<

21st Blog Banter is announced
I mentioned a few weeks ago how you can involved in the Blog Banters run by Crazy Kinux. Well we've just had a heads up on the topic for the 21st Banter. If you want to find out how you can get an early start then click here.



  1. QCATS is not going to go pirate. We already had that debate, which resulted in a corp split and the formation of SLAPD for those more pirate inclined.

  2. Perhaps claiming you were "going pirate" was the wrong wording - I understand that QCats members are now free to go GCC if they want to, but apologies if that is not correct!