Wednesday 1 September 2010


My pvp ships are a little dusty at the moment thanks to rl being hectic and a distinct lack of war targets whenever I log in. So instead of pewpew I've been indulging in a spot of carebearing, hanger sorting, the Gallente Epic Arc (rather excellent btw from a pve combat and story perspective plus and you get a nice reward at the end AND you can repeat it every 3 months) and spending time on my trade alt.

I've still not got over the joy of being able to play Eve with all the graphic settings turned up to ze max so I've also been frapsing everything that moves and taking lots of screenshots then procrastinating my evenings away by messing about with the clips/shots in different programs.

Couple of nights ago I was experimenting with the Advanced Camera options whilst filming the NPC Leviathan in the Luminaire system. Whilst there I took a rather nice shot of some pilot's Raven, which I am now using as a desktop background. So until I have some tales of war to share I shall share my nice screenie!

(click image for full size version)


***Sneaky Fake Edit***

Forgot to mention that EVE SOB is putting together an idea for a "Frigate Cage Fight" which sounds like potential for lots of fun and I wanted to give it a quick plug. Check his blog post here:


  1. Nice one Eelis, I know your pain in terms of game time as I am going through the same thing at the moment.

    Only time I am managing to get on I have to run missions to make money for carrier stuffs.

    Looking forward to some of the footage you are producing.

  2. thanks for the plug Elis. Yeah the cage fight should be a blast!



  3. Advanced Camera options?
    I didn't even know there was such a thing in EVE. Do tell?

  4. Go to options in game - you want the middle column near the bottom of the window on Display & Graphics tab - enable Advanced Camera Menu.

    You can now r-click on ships/some objects and set as parent/interest and also do weird zoomy things with your mouse(try hold down r-click then click and hold l-mouse and drag your mouse left and right).

    It's really fiddly and annoying but kinda fun to play with if you are bored! Some people have achieved some great shots/effects like that handheld camera look or the battlestar galactic type space shots, but I mostly just zoom in to a weird magnification and get something kinda odd!

    That was a bit of a fail explanation but my dinner is on fire meep...