Tuesday 21 September 2010

Random Reports

It's been a frustrating month or so. Real life has turned rather hectic and the result is me having to be more efficient with my Eve time in order to get the most out of the game.

I thought this would result in my missing out on a lot of fleet activity but in fact quite the opposite has happened and I've found myself constantly joining rather fab fleets. Competent FC's, great company and good ol’ light hearted, banter filled evenings. Fantastic!

SOTF has grown a fair bit since I first joined and it is wonderful to now find that more often than not we are easily putting together fleets of 20 or so pilots just from within our own ranks. Of course we still fleet with various Gallente militia corps. and that is not going to change any time soon, but being able to put together decent sized fleets of competent pilots entirely out of our own corporation has always been a goal and it is nice to see this being regularly achieved. But alas I digress.

Now having a great fleet is one thing but finding a fleet fight seems to have become rather a challenge around Blackrise once again. I have no idea where all the Caldari targets have b*ggered off to but they seem to have become an endangered species once again. Several evenings of roaming during August yielded nothing but frustrating pew pew-less evenings for me. Where’d everybody go?

Things did pick up a little as September came along and a few rather entertaining evenings have been had which I thought I would share.

Drunk & Disorderly
Firstly was a rather enjoyable and highly drunken roam out to the Amarr/Minmatar Faction war systems where we headed in search of something to kill with a corp. run fleet of small, fast ships.

We were led by a corp. FC who has a reputation for daring and usually slightly suicidal operations and once again he did not disappoint.

We found ourselves biting at the heels of a rather large Amarr/Caldari fleet, the size of which I have not seen on our side of the fence since early last year. We had neither the numbers nor fire-power to engage head to head but we had quite a night grabbing stragglers and trying to take down (obvious) bait ships before the rest of the fleet turned up to spank us. I won’t lie to you, it was quite a mess; a lot of alcohol had been consumed… we killed a few, we lost a few, we had quite a few laughs and we wandered home again.

Pincered & Probed
Couple of days after our drunken outing I found myself in a Battlecruiser and below fleet being led by another SoTF FC (a sober one!) who took us around Blackrise in hopes of a scrap.

It was dead once again but our little faces perked up like kids on Christmas Day as the news of a war-target fleet out in Heydieles came in through. After being contacted by Julius Foederatus, who had eyes on the targets with his small Gallente Militia fleet, we teamed up and ended up pinning down the Caldari fleet in the system of Indregulle.

Our original fleet sat on one of the in-gates whilst Julius’ guys sat on another and Julius then called in a prober who rather quickly got us a warp-in on the Caldari fleet’s safe spot. The war-targets were Battlecruiser heavy but our newly combined fleet outnumbered them considerably. One squad was sent in to Indregulle, with the honourable task of getting aggression, a task which they performed with gusto.

In we all jumped and the result was, well complete bloody slaughter to be honest.


The report is a little messed up but you get the idea. Whilst not a great “fight” as such it still felt good to finally shoot something after an annoying evening of, waiting for targets, merging two fleets together (gaaah always a headache) and setting everything up to try and catch the Caldari.

Epic lolz/fail (delete as appropriate)
Last Tuesday, after being AFK for a few hours, I returned to my desk to log out completely only to find about 40 people on our Vent coms, including several members of Bi-Po. Being the nosey old bird that I am I popped my headphones on to find out what was going on.

Bi-Po were leading a sizable fleet, heavy with Battleships and Logistic support. I quickly grabbed an Ares and joined up with one of the tackle squads who were holding on the Tama gate in Kedama. There was much organisation going on and with strict combat coms in operation I had a hard time trying to pick up on what exactly we were doing, but it appeared a trap of sorts was being set for a pirate battleship fleet that was out on the prowl.

Well to cut a long story short, the trap was sprung and we engaged the pies on the Tama gate in Sujarento.

A friendly cyno was lit… but our “supwize!” support fleet failed to jump through…
…because the Titan did instead >_< style="font-style: italic;">WTF? on vent which was followed by much laughter.

Feeling a little deflated we began to head home when we bumped into a BLADE. alliance fleet in Tama on the Kedama gate – so we took our frustrated evening out on them, then went home for tea, cookies and more laughter over the epic Titan fail.

You can log off, but you can’t hide
Now first I should explain that last Tuesday was one of the most hilarious evenings I have ever had whilst fully clothed at my keyboard. Secondly I need to explain that I also cannot actually remember most of what actually happened, partially because most of the entertainment took place on Vent coms and also because I had had one or 2 glasses of a very nice Australian red wine, in fact I think most of the people flying with us were also relatively well inebriated.

I actually logged off before this incident took place, but it made me chuckle and I wanted to share. I have taken the details from my corp-mate Greg6’s own write up on our forums.

So we’d been running about in various fleets all evening with much shipping up and down going on and this apparently continued after I left. Towards the end of the night one of our guys lost his Navy Comet to a bunch of R.A.G.E pilots… who then logged off with their GCC still going… in the same system.

They were promptly probed out, and revenge was enacted on their helpless ships :P


I do so love it when Faction War noobs get one up on the big boys ;-)

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