Sunday 14 November 2010

Remember remember

Well in between these...

a lot of this...

and a few nights of this...

...there hasn't been much time for me to indulge in internet explosions. However, last night I enjoyed a traditional, hectic and action packed evening with my corpies which more than made up for the all the fun I've been missing out on.

I hopped into an Ishkur and caught up with our frigate fleet which had been out for some time already, camping various gates. I appeared to have missed most of the action but on our way home one of our 8th Order war targets wandered into us. A nice start to the evening.

We got back to Nisuwa and shipped up to battlecruisers then headed towards Nennamaila in search of a war-target fleet. We knew they were probably heading home through Ichoriya but were hopeful of a catch. Whilst the main fleet did indeed jump back into Caldari High-sec a Moa decided to aggress our forward scout on the Ichy gate, so in we all jumped. Then his friend jumped in from the high-sec side and aggressed too. Not quite the fleet fight we had hoped for but hey it was kinda funny.

We headed back to Nisuwa again for a short bio. I grabbed an Ares and started bouncing round the pipes looking for targets. Found a bunch of various battlecruiser and below types and our fleet started chasing. I lost the target fleet once then found them again, heading towards their Oisio/Oshaima highsec direction. Myself and fellow inty addict Crimper (Evil Doers) eventually overtook some of the war-target fleet and got points on a couple of Drakes but alas we both exploded before our friendlies caught up. Women drivers eh? So no kills there and 2 intys down, doh.

Slightly pissed at realising that I'd just blown up my last Ares in low-sec I headed back to high-sec to fit a new one. In the mean-time the corp fleet headed back towards Nisuwa and got into a skirmish with some SoT pirates. It was quite frustrating to hear the tense fight kicking off, from what I could tell both sides seemed to be having trouble breaking the other's remote repping. Our fleet backed off and I burned back to Nisuwa as quickly as I could, just making it in time to warp to Greg6 as he gota warp in on one of the pirate logi ships.

I landed just as the fight kicked off, two logis went down quickly, I tagged one (yes i'm a whore) and tried in vain to throw a point on the other ships who all warped away, apart from 1... a Loki! He burned for the gate but was quickly webbed and scrammed and soon went down, woot. That was actually the first T3 kill I’ve been a part of.

I ditched the Ares in Nisuwa, got into my Hurricane then re-joined the fleet. A small group of Caldari had been spotted 2 jumps from Nisuwa running a fw complex so we jumped over and headed for the plex gate. They scattered and we lost our point on their Megathron but popped a Raven.

The rest of his mates started bouncing to planets and we got word from Enzlo Kurns when they landed on top of him at Planet 3. The Mega was pointed again and in we all went, yaar! I swear that Cerb insta popped :O

A little later we were in pursuit of an 8th Order fleet consisting of, well mostly Dominix's. It was going to be a tough nut to crack with our current numbers but on the plus side there were another 2 fleets out also looking to engage The 8th.

Cutting a long story short we all ended up on the Tama gate in Suj hammering the crap out of our primary target, but to no avail. Despite multiple jams and the extra fire-power we just couldn’t break their RR. The 8th eventually de-aggressed and headed to Tama station. Bleh.

We started to make our way home but hung about in Kedama for a few mins in case The 8th changed their minds and undocked. Whilst waiting around we were given the go ahead to go pirate on a passing Loki, which turned out to be a known war-target alt. I don’t know why but I just couldn't bring myself to open fire! All that pvp-ing and i'm still a bloody carebear...

In other news our 0.0 adventures have quietened down. Ta8bula Rasa, the alliance we were mostly fighting against, appear to currently have focussed their attention elsewhere and I had heard that they tried to claim sov although I am not sure how much of a serious effort this was.

We recently started a war-dec against them after seeing rather a large amount of their carebears hanging about in Gallente High sec and this lead to a few fun ganks here and there but the corps concerned soon started dropping out of the alliance, im sure this had nothing at all to do with avoiding a war-dec...

So for now we are tentatively awaiting to see whatever on earth Mercenary Coalition are going to be throwing at us. They have war-dec'ed a few Gallente Militia corps and there is much chatter going on about whom (if anyone) hired them out. Not that it matters.

It certainly looks like it's going to be the month for fire-works.

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  1. Heh, glad to see you're still having fun.