Tuesday 2 November 2010

First impressions and a big milestone

so we've been out in 0.0 for a week or so now and I've finally had the pleasure of a few fleets in my limited online time. It's been fun learning about bubbles and bombs as well as playing with giant rats though the system names are an utter PITA. Never again will I bemoan someone’s mispronunciation of Vlillirier.

We've also had time to get to know our new associates which has been both interesting and frustrating. I-RED have a completely different mind-set and playstyle to ourselves and I am not sure how our "gung-ho-kill-everything-or-die-trying" attitude is going down. I have heard that we are having a positive effect but I cannot help but feel like the crazy drunk relative who has reluctantly been invited to stay.

Our priority as a corp has always been 100% pvp focussed and our entire corp structure has grown up around this priority. We log on, we kill stuff, we go to bed. Any isk making or logistical efforts are simply thrown in to help us achieve our desire for internet explosions. We also live surrounded by corporations with exactly the same attitude and if the call goes up in a shared intel channel, the x's quickly flow in from all our trusted Gallente Militia allies.

But I-RED is an Alliance with complex goals and strong focus on roleplay and storyline expansion. To put the two together and see our corp against a different background has been interesting. The differences in priorities and pilot attitudes are quickly apparent. They call for patience whilst we scream for more fleet members so that we can get out and get on with it.

One thing I have accidently learned all about from our time with I-RED is the RP history behind their alliance and it's relationship with the Gallente militia. Even though we had a previous war with them relating to the same issues I had not previously paid much attention to the story that was going on. This week I found myself having a history lesson whilst in conversation with wivers from I-RED on the subject of an RP post for the eve-O forums. Can't say this crazy drunken pilot is going to become an intense RP player any time soon but it has been quite a learning experience and I was a little embarrased at my ignorance on the whole affair! Perhaps both sides have something to teach the other in this somewhat unlikely pact.

Overall the experience seems to be going down well for us. There is a new lease of life in the corp and a lot more people to shoot at. It was certainly the right decision to bite the bullet and give it a go.


I've used the change of scene as a chance to get out of my Ares and into my first Hurricane. All I can really say is OH MY GOD ITS SO AWESOME WHY DIDN'T I TRAIN THIS SIX MONTHS AGO. It's quite a new experience to be doing actual real dps and not sitting on the bottom of all the kill mails with my warp disruptor...




Those kills were from quite a messy fight. Out gunned at the time, as we lacked the battleship numbers to meet them head on, we ended up hopping to difference distances off the gates in the hope of popping a few ships before they got a warp-in on us. Perfect chance to test my arti-cane out, it was a lot of fun though pretty intense.

SOTF Milestone
This week we passed 1 trillion damage done. Not too shabby for a bunch of FW nublets! :)

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