Wednesday 24 November 2010


Have been rather waylaid in real-life doing various work related tasks though I did have the pleasure of being part of this spiffy engagement:


Major props to the SoT remote reppers; it was a pretty insane engagement. You will of course be pleased to know that we did get revenge with an even bigger lolblob a few nights later (and I was bloody afk but watching my other half on his PC, having all the fun without me):

Slightly screwy report but you get the idea. It’s not the first time we’ve teamed up with the squids during the last month and have to say it is refreshing to spend time fleeted with some of the more amiable folks over there. In amongst the RP, forum trolling and smack I think it’s always nice to be reminded that, just like us, there are folks on the other side who just want a good bit of pewpew and don’t have time for drama bombs.

The Saturday fight came after quite a long period of roaming in a bad case of all dressed up with nowhere to go until we found the SoT fleet. I hope this is not a sign that things are going to die down again now that many of our war-decs have ended.

The 8th have moved on to new ventures and MC dropped their dec against us a few days ago. In addition Ta8ula Rasa appear to be disbanding, so whilst we shed a tear for the loss of targets we’re also having quite a childish giggle at being partially responsible for causing the end of an 0.0 Alliance... FW noobs 1, null-sec noobs 0 :-P

Here’s a fun RP thread on the subject if you are so inclined:

I hope to be back in the thick of it soon. Some fab new pilots have joined us recently and the corp is buzzing. I am also 10 kills off 1000 player mails whored onto. Woot!

One last thing. I am trying in vain to publish an Eve video that I’ve made but Windows Movie Maker keeps having a mental breakdown and messing it all up. If anyone has any tips on Movie Maker please drop me a message! Alternatively, if Santa happens to be reading this please can I have Adobe Premiere Pro. Go on, I’ve been a good girl this year. Well mostly.

Fly safe, and Happy Thanks Giving to all the American types out there o/

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  1. On Windows Movie Maker: Don't even bother. Torrent something like Sony Vegas or Adobe Premiere instead.