Saturday 15 January 2011

Oh what a night...

Well, it started with a scrap against SoT in Kedama. We bailed and re-shipped, just as EAK turned up to have a bite at SoT. So back we went to join in! Then a cyno pops and IT drop a few supercaps. A rather funny and confusing cluster-frack all round. A shame battle reports can only cope with "2 sides" heh.

After this excitement we shipped down for a nice relaxing (drunk) roam around the pipes. A few catches here and there, including these guys:

Few things to note on that one.

1. We are at war with BYDI however they are now also shooting Gallente militia pilots (and will probably be out of the militia by the time this is posted)

2. No you have not stepped back in time, Wolfy are back!

3. Rooks & Kings also had a fleet out, gaah...

Next stop was Notoras where a fleet of "neutrals" (which appeared to mostly consist of BC and below hulls) were trying to take down a POS. Rooks & Kings T3 fleet beat us in. We decided to go for it anyway and see what we could pick off. In the end we had quite a turkey shoot, chasing down the neutral gang's support ships as they scattered to beacons and celestials all over Notoras. People were calling points from all over the system, I think these folks might want a few safespots before they come back o_0

So by now it’s gone midnight, it's been a crazy night already and now most of the fleet activity is just drunk chatter on vent. But we still had one more scrap to go before bedtime...

Not our best fight by any means. But even so, the Archon just put the cherry on a rather insane evening.

In other news
I seem to have misplaced some of my sec status and a bottle of Shiraz. If found please return to Bunk 69, State Protectorate Logistic Support Station, Nisuwa, Blackrise :(


  1. Nothing like you using a Mach to get the suicide point and kick off round two in the Kedama brawl :)