Tuesday 11 January 2011

Punch-ups and other bits

I do love a good punch up. Not a turkey shoot. Not a blob catch. But a nice big meaty, head to head slugging match.

I don’t see it as often as I would like, but when it does come around it makes you go "woah" and "ouch" and "gf" at the same time. Saturday night I had the pleasure of 2 such engagements.


That's got to be the best fight I've personally seen with the Caldari for many many months, and it was bloody good fun to boot. I have to give big props to our own logistics too, having been primaried about 5 times and then promptly rescued back up to full armour. Although, as was pointed out to me afterwards, the Caldari fleet were likely using me to soak up reps before switching to other targets. Even so, I sat there astounded at totally not being dead yet.

As the fight ended we were all chased off the field by Rooks & Kings. Always a bigger fish eh? Could have been an interesting three way if they had shown up a few minutes earlier. We ran home to lick our wounds and then talk of reforming to take on the Rooks & Kings gang started.

Our hesitation was for good reason, R&K have quite a reputation. But we went for it anyway.


A pretty intense engagement and I enjoyed it, in spite of the outcome. In the end we had no choice other than to bail.

I was the last non-logi on our side, still on the field, being valiantly held up by remote reps. I just needed to make it another 500m to the gate and I was out... but R&K very quickly bumped me 13k off… so I let the logis go home and took screenshots whilst kissing my arse goodbye.

We had some interesting feedback from R&K after that fight and I’d love to be up against them again sometime soon. They are quite a challenge.

In other news, my first attempt at getting back into probing actually paid off.

I had a spare hour to kill on Sunday so I grabbed my Helios and had a look to see if there was anything interesting in Nisuwa. Nis is usually a waste of time as other people quickly find anything of interest. So it was a nice surprise when I found an untouched Mag site, with over 40mil worth of salvage in it! If only all my probing sessions were that fruitful.

Blog Banter 24 incoming.
We’ve just had news of the new banter question for this month, it should be an interesting one, though I am biased on this as it is my question :P

If there are any bloggers reading this who have not taken part in a blog banter before, you don’t need to be in the blog pack to take part or get on the mailing list (for an early heads up on the banter question) – just drop Crazykinux a message and ask to go on the list.


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