Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year’s (totally unofficial) Resolutions

As a child I always loved that first day back to school after the holidays. School uniforms all spotlessly clean, comprehensive matching sets of stationary all neatly packed into brand new pencil-cases (not yet blighted by the need to tip-ex out the etched on names of ex-love interests), shoes so shiny we could see our faces in them and, best of all, turning to the first page of your new work books, into which you pen your most neatest ever date and heading. Of course, none of this lasts past the first week and we soon drift towards our usual vices and bad habits, at least I certainly did anyway.

Old habits die hard and as such I have never been very successful when attempting to keep New Year’s Resolutions. When I made the decision to quit smoking 2 years ago I deliberately started on December 27th.

That said, I do often have a few things in mind for the year ahead and there are certainly a few Eve related goals that I hope to achieve in the next 12 months.

My total kill tally for 2010 was 502, so an improvement on that for 2011 would be my first goal.

Secondly, I am desperate to spend a bit more time flying in smaller pvp gangs, but this goes hand in hand with two things I am not particularly keen on. One is FCing my own fleets and the other Plexing. Perhaps a bit of Dutch courage will help…

Finally, and don’t frowny emoticon me for saying so but, I’d actually like to get back into some pve. YES PVE! Part of me misses the challenge of soloing the odd level 4 mission, something I have not done for probably over a year now. In addition, watching my other-half run some hacking sites over the holiday period made me remember how much fun I used to have probing out and running the odd site. It’s been many months since I did anything like that. So perhaps goal three is to take some time away from pewpew now and then to reconnect with my inner carebear.

Of course, all of this can only happen if I actually log in, and therin lies a problem. This year looks to be the busiest work related year I will have had since I gave up full time work to have my daughter, over 4 years ago. I am looking forward to it, but certainly wondering how this will affect my Eve time. Perhaps my overall New Years Resolution for Eve should be to actually make some time to play.

So, what about you?


  1. Its a short list that will take a long time for me.
    1. Logistics
    2. All four races frigates and cruiser to 5
    3. T2 guns
    4. Bombers
    5. As many t2 cruisers as I can
    6. Be able to t2 tank a hurricane, shields and armour

    Thats all for now, but I expect it will get longer pretty soon

  2. Thats a lot of stuff on the to do list! Logistics is a great goal to have - I can't write it down as one of mine though in case my CEO finds out and starts nagging me to get it done quicker :P

  3. Factional warfare missions are one of the most profitable PvE content available in EVE. It's one thing I actually really miss about being in the militia, such easy ISK and you can PVP at the same time too! Do it!

  4. Aye I do them now and then for a bit of isk - I meant the carebear ones in highsec though lol. I used to do them full time for many years before I was brave enough to go pvping. I started doing well with a trade character last year so stopped missioning completely. Never expected to actually miss it!

  5. Its a pretty short list really, but all of it will take a looong time :) Mainly, I'm just trying to become properly useful in the alliance anti-pirate roams, so that kind of stuff is the best. I will be flying all four logi's by may and have all teh cruiser 5's by april :)

  6. Standings, standings and standings. I can still only get L2 FW missions so I really need to work on that.

    I'll probably get Logi 5 this year as well but I used the Learning SP to cross train and so I want to do more of that, especially Minmatar and Amarr ships (I've never flown one!)

    I want to get involved with some of the Incursions as well and at some point I really must find some gainful employment for my alt, other than randomly running stuff around ina cloaky transport!