Monday 7 March 2011

Trawling through the CSM candidates

CSM4 was the first year I voted. I gave my vote to someone spamming local with loads of false promises, then realised what a mistake this was when they got elected. Doh.

When CSM5 came up I took a bit more time to considering where I should put my vote, but it was pretty much a no-brainer that it would go to Mynxee, someone I admire and respect in the Eve community.

But for CSM6 there is no one who automatically stands out for me. So today I have had the mammoth task of considering all FIFTYSEVEN candidates.

I've been through the entire list from the Eve website and looked at all the campaign links that were available as well.

And now I have a headache.

I am quite surprised at the apparent lack of effort a lot of people have put into their campaign material and with such a long list to consider I soon found myself quickly disregarding anyone who just didn't feel up to scratch or turned me off for one reason or another.

My own top 10 candidate turn offs were:

- candidates who hate CCP and appear to want to take over the company

- candidates who hate a specific section of the Eve community and use it as a base for their campaign

- candidates who don't know what HTFU means

- candidates with no website/blog

- candidates with only a flamey forum thread as their website link

- candidates who have not discovered the spellchecker or had someone proof read their material before posting it up

- campaign websites with huge walls of texts or underlying images that make it hard to read

- candidates that dedicate long paragraphs talking about themselves but offer little on what they offer you

- candidates who write lots of text about, well, nothing. I need clear info not wishy-washy political spin

- candidates with questionable knowledge of game mechanics and fantastical promises for the future (despite having "done everything in game")

Fortunately they are not all painful on the eyes/intellect, indeed there are a lot of very interesting candidates with well thought out material also.

My own top three potential vote recipients are:

Arden Elenduil
I have a secret love of ninja types and it would be great to see someone from this style of game-play on the CSM. Adren brings up many issues I would love to see addressed but also proposes many changes that I disagree with entirely. Either way I liked his attitude and am tempted to give him my vote to get someone with a "ninja frame of mind" onto the CSM.

Trebor Daehdoow
Well presented info, solid background, proven experience and talks of many issues that I can realistically see him having an input in fixing.

I like his blog, I like what he says, I believe what he says and I think he could do good work. He makes a lot of sense. I will probably vote for Seleen.

In addition, two others that stood out for me but didn't feel quite right for my vote, for one reason or another, were Helen Highwater and Meissa Anunthiel.

On a related note - I understand Vote Match should be up and running again soon for CSM6. Whilst I’d still encourage you to do further research on your preferred candidates it could certainly help you short list a few candidates.


(p.s. - I think I saw 3 mentions of Factional Warfare out of all of the material I've read this morning. You all suck!)


  1. Yeah, I agree. I was very disappointed with the lack of effort some.. well, most of these people put into this. My biggest Pet Peeve was a lack of a cohesive website explaining in detail what exactly they were looking for and how they were planning to achieve it.

    It seemed like most were, "Free trip to Iceland? Sweeett! Okay, I can be a CSM.."


    Seleen is a fine choice too I suppose.

  3. Yeah, Trebor & Seleene are my first choices too.