Wednesday 2 March 2011

A new home, Banter #25 and stepping down.

A new home

Earlier this week SoTF joined R.A.G.E alliance and moved into its new home in Vale of the Silent. After 5 years of playing Eve I now find myself in sov-held 0.0 for the very first time.

First impressions are pretty good. I loathe change and have had to really pull my finger out of my backside to get to grips with all the new channels/vents/forums and everything else that comes with being part of such a big alliance and coalition. I’ve also always had a strong aversion to 0.0 and it never really held any appeal for me - so I’m surprised to say I am already starting to feel quite at home.

2 days ago I made my way out to join my corp-mates, using a jump bridge for the first time. Whoa, how neat are those! Since then I’ve been on my first CTA (no combat though) and have done a lot of nosing about whilst taking about a zillion screenshots.

I feel a little like I’ve started Eve all over again; So much to learn, see and do (and read, ugh) but the people I’ve encountered so far seem pleasant enough (more so than I expected) and I am glad to be sharing this experience with my fellow Shadows pilots, who appear to be settling in nicely.

It is early days of course, but it seems that there is much here for us to do, and much we can offer also. Time will tell.

Blog banter 25# - Sovereignty

Oh the Irony. I join the NC and a banter comes along bemoaning power blocs.

I really cannot contribute to this banter, having had no previous experience of sovereignty nor any understanding of how it all works (unless you want me to rant about FW Sov ofc!). But I wanted to plug the banter so here is CK’s submission which includes all of the other banter responses:

Standing down

Simply because I felt I wanted to record it on my blog somewhere - I have stepped down as a Director in SoTF.

This is purely a personal choice and for no in-game reason. I have much respect for the SoTF Dirs, who work bloody hard to keep everything running smoothly, often in ways unseen by everyone else, and am proud to have been a part of that team for the past 18months. I know Gall and the other Directors will be working very hard in the new trials that lay ahead and I wish them all the best. Love you guys! xx



  1. Best of luck to everyone in SoTF. Always a pleasure flying against and with you guys.

    As you'll see, 0.0 is a very different animal from low sec and FW, a lot of fun and a lot of, erm, not fun. I totally understand and support the need to shake it up and take on bigger challenges.

    That said, I'll be honest, I think for 'a corp that 99% of the time just wants to shoot stuff', I'm surprised you chose to go the route of the NC. Tbh, I think you'll get bored roaming 50 jumps and seeing nothing but blues. As you'll soon learn, 'real pvp' means owning sov, 'having more friends', and staring at a lagged out screen for 2 hours, cycling guns every ten minutes.

    Say hello to Loren, Tek, Lockout for me!

  2. That sized rock of Spodumain took a pretty constant group of 4-6 Hulks and a dedicated hauler about 2 days to mine it out. Estimates were that it was worth about a billion ISK.

  3. Welcome to nullsec and R.A.G.E. BFF

  4. How exciting for you!
    Yeah, I've been in and out of 0.0 for a few years now, and I have to say it still feels big and exciting and scary for me sometimes (compared to comfortable low-sec).
    I hope you guys can still maintain your unique corp identity and keep the pew pew alive amongst a sea of blues. Oh, and make lots of ISK!

  5. Hey Calderus !

    While the NC might have a lot of blue space, therer is still a lot of hostile space to pew pew in, fighting the russians (lag fest or not) is always a pleasure.

    Our decision to join RAGE had more to do with the group of ppl that we'll be flying with than the ammount of targets in immediate surroundings. While the downside is that stuff to pew might be a few jb's away, the atmosphere and ppl we found in Vale and all across the north are unbelivable and I can fully confirm that BFF is not just some propaganda stunt.