Tuesday 29 March 2011



Just a quicky post to explain my current state of play (and blogging activity).

This month is a very busy one for me with work and other RL commitments. In addition my other-half's recent departure from SoTF and decision to take a bit of an Eve break is adding to my list of reasons to not be at the keyboard.

And there is one further issue hanging over my head at the moment. When I started my blog it was about Faction War and low-sec. This was something I knew about, enjoyed and an environment I was comfortable in.

But nullsec, its politics, it's history, mechanics and Alliances... well it might as well be a different game to me. It's not something I feel comfortable in writing about and that in turn makes me question whether or not I should continue with my blog.

So whilst I take a little downtime in Eve I'm going to take a break from blogging for a few weeks and see how things pan out.



  1. Good luck. I hope you can find what you are looking for :)

  2. Take a break Eelis but you should definitely continue with your blog.

  3. Ack!
    Another vote for continuing this here blog of yours, Eelis. I enjoy your writing very much.
    Don't drag your feet on returning!

  4. Rejoin Faction War. The Minmatar would welcome you!