Monday 23 May 2011

What would Ratchman do?

Another new dawn for SoTF has commenced :)

Earlier this year we tried the 0.0/big established Alliance thing... and it didn’t work out. Well now we're trying it from a different angle.

We have teamed up with a like-minded corporation, of similar numbers, resources and experience, and started our own alliance from scratch. That corp is Wolfsbrigade, from the Caldari militia.

As can often happen with people you pvp against quite regularly a mutual respect has grown between our 2 corporations. In addition we've had plenty of time to test our working relationship by flying together frequently during the past few weeks in Factional Warfare (mostly roaming to 0.0 in an effort to stem complications with our respective militias allies).

We've picked a reasonably busy low-sec area to base from, not too far away from null, and already the fleets are rolling out and the new neighbours successfully irritated. So far, and sadly I have to say this as someone who’s not actually been able to fleet up since the move, it does seem to be going very well.

By working together and building from the ground up we've got the makings of something quite perfect for us both here. We can do what we want to do and our combined force is pretty kickass, gives us a lot of pvp options and helps us cover the time zones far more effectively than we could alone. Our corps have similar histories and play styles and, unlike when we joined RAGE/NC, we have nothing to prove to each other.

I think great things are possible for both corporations and I am genuinely very excited to see how this new stage progresses.

So, onto the Alliance name.

Something bold and brassy....

A name that spells the future...

A word that defines this glorious new age for W-BR and SoTF...

A battle standard to wave in the face of our unwary targets as we journey to new glorious heights of pewpew...

A label that will become notorious amongst the pvp greats of New Eden! YEAH!!!!

That name is...


I can only liken my feelings on this subject to if my other-half had gone to the Council Offices with our firstborn and had her official name registered as "Noobface McTurdburger" behind my back. Seriously. I have pure, teenager level emo-rage-emoticons about this situation. UGH!

You would honestly not believe (well you probably would) the dramas and threadnaughts that have erupted over choosing our Alliance name and tag and I've probably been the instigator of most of it. To the point where I did actually spend some time thinking about quitting Eve and whether or not this made me a total bellend or not.

But of course, that would be silly. And here is where I explain my post title.

Ratchman is a quality corp member. He's active, in a lot of fleets, flies allsorts, is steadfast, reliable, helpful and fun to hang out with. Whilst he has an opinion and gets involved with discussion he's also never in the middle of the drama bomb.

Ratchman didn’t like the Alliance name much either, but he got over it and moved on. End of story and on with the pewpew. And Ratch isn't the only corp member like this, but he's got a cute Westcountry accent. So I've named my new personal mantra after him:

"What would Ratchman do?"

So to help me to stop taking cheap shots at the powers-that-be and making myself feel worse about Eve in the process this is what I now say to myself when the emo-rage starts building up. I’m also considering getting a WWRD bracelet so all can see that I am on the path to non-emo enlightenment …IN THROUGH THE NOSE *sniiifff*, OUT THROUGH THE MOUTH *breeeeath*…

At the end of the day even if my other-half had done such a deed with our child’s name I would still love the child regardless. The same goes for the Alliance. I'm not the biggest lover of change at the best of times but I do believe in this relationship and I fully understand the good things that could come out of it.

So I shall take a note from Mr Ratchman and move on.

End of story. On with the pewpew.

(But omg… wtf!)

>>Edit: Eve-O Forum Thread on our Alliance formation<<


  1. How do you even pronounce that?

    Ee-lis kee?
    E-lis ki?

    Well, congrats on the new alliance!

  2. mostly it is pronouced: "oi wench" o_0

  3. LMAO. Shadow Wolves :D I had a good giggle at that, its so cute! But cute isn't really what you're going for with an Alliance name. Oh well, I can see the good intentions in there ^^

    Anyways, congrats on the merger. It sounds like you guys will have a lot of fun!

  4. Also, LOL at Eelis' corp title.

  5. I got a good laugh out of the alliance name and ticker too... I'm not sure who was actually responsible for picking that, but all I could think was "yep, that's totally something FG would use". I hope you're settling in well in the new area, though! Even if you've left militia and moved halfway across the galaxy, you'll always be my mortal enemy. <3 (Don't worry though, I won't GCC my fleet on your pod!)