Monday 9 May 2011

Still alive. Now with added tweet.

Yes I am still here but aside from one recent blob incident and one recent being blobbed incident (karma eh hehe!) I have not been doing much Eve-ing of late. This is largely down to my new job, which is awesomesauce but hurting the hell out of my puny brain and leaving me pretty knackered when I get home.

From what I have seen though Black Rise is as dead as it was before we left to join RAGE and SoTF has actually taken to roaming round 0.0 with one of our war-target corporations, Wolfsbrigade, rather than flying around looking for FW fights. Poor FW :(

Anyhoo. I thought I should let you know that you can now find me on Twitter tweeting randomly about Eelis and Eve. Previously I've had zero interest in tweeting or twitter in general but for educational purposes (have been working irl with social media a lot of late) I have now started an Eve related account.

So, if you'd like to hear all the latest info on how Eelis exploded, what she had for breakfast or how many poops she did today (I'm joking I promise) you can follow me at @eeliskiy.

BBS. Fly wasted o7


  1. Interesting to see that you guys are responding to the deadness of FW by fleeting up together - I'm in US TZ, so I'm rarely online at the time SotF and W-BR are doing joint ops. Glad to see it's working out, though! (I guess we're not all that good at being mortal enemies after all, are we?)

  2. Aye we officially fail at Faction War haha!

  3. Heh... the Minmatar have just been recruiting ex-Amarr directly instead.