Saturday 1 May 2010

Alive... just

Yes I am still alive, but not in space at the moment. Have been knocked out by some awful virus which has left me firmly grounded in my Nisuwa quarters. Staring at a screen for longer than 20mins currently induces eye-bleed and headaches, which makes pvp somewhat difficult and so a lack of eve-ing = a lack of blogging.

In my absence I have been pottering around with 2 guides
which I hope to have up in the not too distant future. One is a big fat guide on Factional Warfare and the other is about recruitment and based on my own experiences with doing this in Eve, so watch this space.

Also I thought it prudent to mention the CSM candidates
and nag anyone reading this to make sure they vote. Personally I think a low-sec pvp focus will probably get my vote this year (having wasted my votes in the past by backing FW specific candidates).

I am also quite looking forward to the results of the Ladies of New Eden Blog Banter competition. There were an incredible number of entries including many new bloggers and the number of prizes has been increased too! I'm keen to see if CCP pay attention to any of the suggestions that came up, especially on the subject of mini-games which is something I agree could add a lot more depth to the game for women and no doubt the guys too.

But for now... it's back to bed I go *sniff*


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  1. Get well soon Eelis, we miss you on Vent. Looking forward to your guide too... :)