Saturday 22 May 2010

X up for Pac Man! (OOG)

Ok, yes this is an out of game post, but I just had to share.

Now quickly. Go set up your afk mining alt and head over to Google... for a game of Pac-Man!

At the time of writing this post Google's logo has been changed into a Pac-Man screen to celebrate the game's 30th birthday.

How cute! Yes yes, but that's not all. If you click on the insert coin button the game will come alive and you can actually start playing with the arrow keys. Neato!

Got a friend? Well click insert coin again and Mrs Pac-Man will appear, so you can fleet up and have a little 2 man squad dot hunt (try the wsda keys for Mrs PM). Groovy huh!

And because this will be out of date in no-time heres a screenie of my er left and right hand in action...

And whilst I'm off topic, and talking about Pac-Man (who knew?), let me brag about my rather cute Pac-Man ghost earrings from Putumayo Design's shop on Etsy.

I love them so much, though I get an awful lot of funny looks from people trying to work out wtf is dangling from my ears.

Sadly they are currently sold out, but they were sold out when I first discoverd them, so could be back in store again soon. Alternatively, do a search on Etsy for "Pac-Man" and prepare to have your geekary eye senses tickled. Goowan you know you want to!

Now, er back to that Eve post I was writing...

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