Saturday 15 May 2010

A salute to The 8th.

I was very sad to hear that Gallente FW corp The 8th Order are to disband.

BacardiDesire, founder and CEO of The 8th, was one of the few people who would step-up and FC fleets when all others started to leave or close ranks. This was during a pretty difficult period on the Gallente side of FW, I think around 14 months ago now, which was made all the more challenging when several ex-alliance corps descended on FW and thus we found ourselves rather out blobbed by heavy pirate presence throughout Black Rise.

Much has been said about Bacardi and everyone who knows of him seems to have some sort of opinion. Personally, I always remember those difficult times and the struggle to find someone to lead us to death and glory. Bacardi's fleets were a lifeline for people like me back then and I always admired him for having the balls to step up when no one else would.

Bacardi went on to create his own corp, The 8th Order. It seemed clear he wanted a politics and drama free environment for small/medium gang warfare, and that is what 8th became all about.

8th has always been quite an independent corp. They did their own thing but still remained approachable and very much a part of the militia. They also served with the Minmatar militia for a time but I would guess are best known for being one of the most familiar faces on the Gallente side of the fence.
I am sad to see them end their chapter in the ongoing saga of Faction War.

To BD, and my other friends in The 8th, I salute thee. Good luck for the future and fly safe o/


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  2. sorry to hear that eelis. some of the corps i was friends with in eve folded as well and went their separate ways.

    On another topic, i am interested in what you think of the new Star Wars MMO that is being done by Bioware since your are a former player of Star Wars Galaxies.

  3. 2 comments:

    1. Agreed re 8th Order and specifically BD. He would always run fleets regardless of comments.

    2. I didn't realise Star Wars was being developed by Bioware! :thud:

  4. Hey Alfred, I started answering your question but it turned into a giant wall of text! I'm going to put together a new post on this instead... though right now I am going to go have my dinner :-)

  5. Bacardi Desire for many of us in Revelation Space is what really got us into faction warefare and gave us the experience to get RS's name out there. So long ago now that was and now in the Shadows I still have alot to thank Bacardi for.

    I think he should be dubbed Amabassador to Faction Warfare.