Friday 28 May 2010

May musings (and moanings)

A few musings from the past 4 weeks...

Tyrannis arrives

I'm not usually one to pick holes in our completely free Eve expansions, especially one that I've not spent time researching in much detail beforehand, but crikey I am pretty unimpressed with Tyrannis so far.

There is a loophole relating to POS mods which has caused quite a screw-up on the markets, one that will not correct itself for quite some time unless CCP takes some sort of drastic action. Quite ironic really considering the ship insurance changes, brought in to stop people blowing themselves up for "free" isk. Epic facepalm much?

Then we have Eve Gate or Spacebook as it is widely being referred to. Now I am quite a social player and really thought this would tickle my interest, but actually no, it just strikes me as a complete waste of space (no pun intended) and an unnecessary and frivolous use of development time. Sure it's "nice" and will be a useful tool for players who like to spend their work hours reading in-game emails and spamming their friends with updates on how big their morning poop was, but I completely fail to see how this entire thing can be touted as part of a game expansion. It's not game content at all, more an addition to functionality and something we're also not able to opt out of (although we do have some options on controlling privacy).

Whilst I appreciate that the CCP staff teams for new content and fixing current issues are separate entities I cannot help but feel sorry for all those people waiting for much needed fixes in other areas when really pointless crap like this is brought into the game.

Next we seem to have a fair bit of ridiculous "tweaking" going on such as Overview distances column now aligning to the right and plenty of corp logos appear to have been changed also (SOTF's now looks utterly pants, thanks Tyrannis!).

One light at the end of the tunnel would be the in game calender - about bloody time. Now if we could please can we have folders for our contacts and our old corp logo back...

The CSM Winners have been announced
A huge congrats to Mynxee, I am really pleased to see someone who knows her stuff and who is respected by the community getting the most votes! I wish her all the best in her new role and just know she will do her voters justice.

This of course also makes the cringeworthy result of Ankhesentapemkah in position 2 slightly more bearable, bleh...

Recruitment ends, but people won't go away godamit
(OK I've finished moaning now.)

I closed active recruitment for SOTF a few weeks back and of course as soon as it stops we end up inundated with new faces, which has kept me quite busy! We've taken in around 20 new members just in the last couple of weeks. Some are old faces from Faction War Some are ex-8 corp pilots and some are totally new to Faction War. Not to blow the SOTF trumpet too much but it's a great example of how having a great reputation in Eve can be gold dust as far as recruitment goes (something I will be touching on more in my soon to come recruitment guide). To all our new members welcome and I hope you enjoy your time with us.

Squids get their group hug on
Caldari Militia corp, Inglorious-Basterds have announced the formation of a defence pact type of arrangement within the Caldari Miltia named the Caldari Defence Initiative (CDI). Many have been quick to compare CDI to our own Gallente coalition, the MDP and in return many have then been quick to right this comparison by accusing the MDP of elitist behaviour and abandoning the general militia (yawn) whereas CDI is apparently striving to achieve the opposite.

It makes interesting reading for those of us sat quietly on the back benches of the MDP. I'm not interested in an MDP v CDI debate at all really and at the end of the day people will just believe what they want to believe. There are certainly some similarities between how the 2 pacts formed; Internal war decs, division, a need for unity against a greater foe... but the MDP has changed and evolved since it was first created, just as the whole of Faction War has done.

People are quick to forget (or simply haven't been around long enough to remember) that things on the Gallente side of the fence were a much different picture 12 months ago, we really were up against it and the eventual loss of all of our systems had a horrendous effect on moral that even infected those who had no interest in plexing. Something needed to change before things completely fell apart. And so the MDP was born.

But the fact is the militia has changed, FW has changed, the Caldari have changed and the MDP has also changed. I've said it before, that FW is a liquid thing, it is as fun or shit as the corps and individuals who currently choose to fly in it. Nothing stays the same for long round here. Whatever the CDI is now I have no doubt it will be something different in 12 months time. This is simply the nature of FW.

At the end of the day those of us on the Gallente side with brain cells WANT the Caldari to do well. We WANT them to bring us the fight. We WANT them to kick some arse. An easy kill is a boring one, SOTF certainly doesn't want boring pvp. We want a good fight, a fun fight and a challenge. We want something to be proud of if we "win" and something to go home hungry for more on if we've been out played. If the CDI formation helps the Caldari bring this around then bloody good going for them. So on that note, I wish IGB and the other signatories of the CDI all the best in their new venture.

Although this is of course all strictly out of character. In character, they can all go suck my proverbial balls yaar ;)

Yo, Mr CK!
CrazyKinux appears to be back from his jollies... now where is our next Blog banter and the Ladies of Eve results! ;)

Eelis, why no fun cheery pictures in this blog post?
Meh, I have hayfever and as such am partially blind atm... taken me all day just to write this post, sorry -.-

Adieu o/


  1. Thanks for the mention and kind words! I think Spacebook is ... meh ... but that said, it is nice to check my ingame emails out of game. I REALLY like that. Calendar is also nice. Default settings for privacy not "No pilots" is utter fail.

  2. It's great to be back with the SoTF guys. It really suits my play-style I think (And I've confirmed that with some wanderings of course!!)

    I simply can't remember who I voted for in the CSM elections but I'm sure the new lot will do well, especially with a much improved mandate from the increased turnout.

    I agree with the distinct feeling of being underwhelmed by Tyrannis and I genuinely hope the next update is focussed on improving life rather than introducing new stuff

  3. hey eelis i hope you get better soon.

    Cain Jacobi