Saturday 30 October 2010

Faction War Interview: BacardiDesire

I actually arranged this one with my crazy Dutch friend sometime ago but due to real-life had been unable to follow it up. So tyvm BacardiDesire for still agreeing to take part, even though we are now at war!

Name: BacardiDesire

Corp & Role: The 8th Order, CEO


Most likely to be seen:
On your lossmail haha!

How did you get started with Faction War?

I got started with Faction warfare right from the start, looking for a new adventure in my eve career, being in a Dutch sort of training/friendly atmospherish corporation, who i have learned a lot from.

Aside from the night we spent drunk and doing the conga in our ships around Villore, what are your fondest memories of your time in Faction War?

Every time the fleet I fc'ed made a victory in a big fleet battle, those are the best memories.

I remember flying with you many times when you first started FC'ing. Often we did well but there were times, usually against the big pirate corps, where your confidence was shaken. How has Faction War helped to shape you as an FC? Do you think it is a good environment for someone learning to run fleets?

I really think FW, in the beginning when there we tons and tons of people in it, was a good base to become a very skilled FC. It was an area where people didn't care on who was leading them, if just a person stood up to lead them to where the kills where being made :) This gave me a chance to prove my leadership skills even at the age of 16/17 and with a broken mic that made me sound very old lol

What in your opinion are the best things about Faction War over other areas of pvp in Eve?

Undock, kill shit in 5 mins, post killmail, dock, go to the forums to chestbeat, log off. Rinse and repeat

Your corporation, The 8th Order closed a few months ago. Why did you decide to reform and how is the corporation doing now? Are you running things differently or changed your set-up in any way?

I had some trouble with finding myself into the position of not being a CEO and just be a normal member, apart from that I thought it would be a waste to go apart like that. We still run the corp the same like we used to, no real leadership structure and use it only when nessesary such as diplomatic situations. The only difference with 8th 2.0 that we run far more specialized gangs and nearly always run both command and t3 bonusses in the fleets we run, giving us a huge advantage over our enemies than we did last time.

Would you say there were any major differences between the militias? How do your Amarr war targets differ from the Caldari??

I would like to point out that with the current situation there is no difference in militias. When Core impulse was with the Amarr the difference would be clearly noticeably, very classy gangs and such, now they left, it's militia level of fleets again :) just in my opinion.

You have recently become involved in a number of war-decs with Gallente Militia corporations. Most notable was your war with Bi-Po and I think it is common knowledge that there is no love lost between your 2 corporations. But in addition, your corp recently committed an act of piracy, whilst working with the Caldari militia, against a former corp member and ally in SOTF. This lead on to a number of war-decs with corps you have formerly had a good working relationship with. I noticed that you also had a recent War Dec with Minmatar militia corp, Ice Fire Warriors?

Our corporation does not recognize color, if we can kill it we will, end of story if we want a good fight of course. We are going pirate these days and we thought it was fun to do a roam to Gallente space and piss in someones cornflakes, we had a good time tho :D

On the Bi-po wardec, im not gonna waste words, there are enough threads on the forums where you can spend hours reading fun stuff ;)

Would you ever return to the Gallente militia. Have you thought about joining the Caldari or Amarr?

We will indeed return to Black rise in the near future! on who's side? Surprise maybe?

Doesn’t flying with Adamusmaximus every night drive you insane?

I got banning rights on Teamspeak 3

Is there anything you feel CCP could do to improve Faction War??

Give it a new twist, ban fighter bombers 8)

What does the future hold for you personally and for The 8th Order?

Hopefully we will continue our growth and become an even bigger functioning corporation than we are now, we got very active numbers and we are looking to expand our numbers even more and become a small army :) And get on a lot of killmails of course!

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