Wednesday 1 December 2010

Presenting the WTFIMS Christmas Raffle

I am super chuffed to finally announce the WTFIMS Christmas Raffle!

Now don’t be fooled by the title, there is no Victoria sponge or cheap booze on offer here but instead some Faction War themed prizes that I hope will have wide appeal. So without further ado, here are the prizes!

FW Store Faction Battleship of your choice*
Hardback copy of the Emperyean Age Signed by Tony Gonzalas
Gallente Themed Eve Thermal Mug
50million isk


Caldari Navy Cruise Missile Launchers x4
“Can I Have Your Stuff?” XXL T-shirt

Republic Fleet Warp Disruptor x1
Red Guristas XL T-Shirt

Imperial Navy Energized Adaptive Nano Membrane x1
Orange on Black Guristas XL T-shirt

Republic Fleet Gyrostabilizer x1

10k Caldari Navy or Federation Navy Ammo Of your choice
10k Caldari Navy Missiles of your Choice
15million isk alternative

How it works

- Tickets cost 2mil each.

- Max amount of tickets is per 50 character (100mil).

- Each ticket purchased will be assigned a number. You will be eve-mailed your number/s. These are your raffle tickets! You cannot choose your numbers; they will be auto-assigned in the order they are purchased.

- Tickets must be purchased before 11pm (eve time) on 17th December 2010 (see update below). Any isk received after this time will be returned, as will any odd amounts of isk that do not meet the minimum ticket price.

- Lottery will be drawn on SUNDAY 19th DECEMBER 2010 at around 8pm Eve time.

- Send your isk in-game to CUCUMBER SAMMICHES with "lotto" in the reason field.

Some Technical stuffs

* The Faction Battleships to choose from are, Navy Issue Dominix, Navy Issue Scorpion, Navy Issue Armageddon and Navy Issue Typhoon.

All prizes will be contracted out of either Jita or Dodixie.

T-Shirt sizes are not changeable as they were donated to the lottery.

I have not arranged a "guarantor" for this event, it is basically a corporation Christmas lotto that I decided to expand on. It is completely self-funded and not being done to make profit. I’m sure there are plenty folks who can vouch for my honesty but if you are unhappy with that, well you don’t have to enter :-P

Tickets will be drawn using and overseen by my sort of independent adjudicator Rashmika (and if he offers to film me doing the numbers on his new iPhone one more time I am going to shove it up his arse...)

Winners will be announced straight away in Gallente militia chat, The raffletastic public channel (which anyone can join) and then later posted on this blog. Winners will also be contacted individually by eve-mail to arrange delivery of in game items. Delivery of OOG items will take place in January 2010 (don't want things getting caught up with the Christmas post).

I think that’s all the important stuff, so to stop the wall of text if you have any other questions just give me, Eelis Kiy, a shout ingame.

Huuuge thank you to Tony Gonzales for his help with the out of game prizes.

Tickets can be purchased… NOW! :-)

***UPDATE 15/12/10***
Ticket purchasing now closing on Friday 17th instead of the 16th. Some prize photos can be seen here:


  1. Isk sent!

    Nice one Eelis :)

  2. Cheers Lexx! Number mails will follow shortly o7

  3. Couple of people have asked about photos of the t-shirts, i'll get some pics sorted over the weekend o/

  4. Confirmed as SCAM!