Thursday, 30 December 2010

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I hope you are enjoying the festive period, I certainly am. But I needed a break from eating my body weight in roast potatoes, playing Fallout New Vegas (thank you Santa!!) and trying to explain to my toddler what "lie-in" means, so thought I would stop by and make one last post before the end of the year.

J!nx T-Shirt Competition
I’m a little bit loath to promote this as out of the 7 or so designs I submitted they only allowed one to go through and it was probably the worst one of the lot! But, there are some fantastic designs up by other people so I’ll HTFU and get on with it. Click here to see the entries. You need to register to vote.

Another milestone for SOTF
Warning. I am going to indulge in a little corp chest beating...

It’s been quite a year for SOTF. We have grown considerably in numbers and dabbled with our first base in 0.0 during the past year. We have also killed just over 11000 ships and, in addition to our usual targets, pewpewd our way through 20 war decs. Earlier this month we also passed the 20k kill mark. Cool beans!

We have upped our game considerably during 2010 and our ability to do this comes down purely to the efforts that the individual corp members make to SOTF, both in and out of the game. I was thinking about all the individuals who do jobs of one sort or another or who contribute to the corp in some vital way and quite frankly there are an awful lot. Whether it's Gallactica's mind boggling powers of diplomacy, the FC's who lead us to our doom/victories, the people who step up to train and fly logistics, the individuals always willing to scout you up a pipe or help you fit a ship or the superb corp shopping service run by one of our members - everyone brings something that has helped the corp become what it is and will hopefully ensure that we continue to do well in the future.

As ships get shinier and more new members join the family then problems inevitably arise. But the essence of the corp remains. It’s still an excellent, laid back and fun place to hang out, filled with interesting people and pilots of all skill levels. And if you see us out in space, we are probably all still drunk too.

So here's a salute to my corp-mates, and to another 12 months of SoTF o7

I r scammer cat
I’ve not yet sat down and sorted the in-game contracts for the lotto prizes but, as I have now heard back from all the winners, I will make a point of sorting this out within the next few days. Sorry for the delay!


  1. Happy New Year to you too Eelis, and also raising a glass (or six...) to the best corp (IMNSHO) in Eve. :)

  2. I signed up and voted for ya Eelis :)
    Also, love that google screenie for Loren Gallen. LOL. So true, the man really is EVE's Chuck Norris ^^