Monday, 28 February 2011

Moaning Murtles.

Wow what a weekend. Largely it consisted of:

- Being moaned at about leaving Faction War.

- Being moaned at about where we are going next.

- Moaning at my CEO for various things regarding our move.

- Being moaned at by corp members about moving their stuff.

- Moaning at people in corp for their inability to read corp mails and forums posts.

- Moaning at other-half for his indecision on whether or not he is actually coming with us.

- Moaning about having nothing to shoot.

- Moaning about being moaned at for being told to stop shooting neutrals.

- Being moaned at by neutrals.

- Being moaned at for drunken local smack.

- Being moaned at on my blog lol

Add to all of this a big bunch of tetchy, tired, bored and stressed out corpies who've been frantically packing up and cynoing their crap from all over the place into position for our big move.

OH MY GOD I had no idea moving home would be so much fun!

Gallactica summed it all up perfectly last night, when (whilst sounding quite fed up at the end of what's been a very long weekend during his onehundredmillionth cyno jump) he said "We're really not cut out for this kind of thing are we". He's right, the monotony of moving systems was certainly bringing out the worst in us all, although I have to say I was impressed at how everyone did pull together and get on with it (whilst moaning of course).

I think even if we hate our new home, we're going to stay there out of spite, because no one wants to move all their crap back again in a hurry!


  1. I couldn't get on over the weekend so have all this fun to go still! It's just like moving house in RL but in RL of course no one tries to shoot your face off every time you cross a County border!

  2. Not unless you live in Manchester...

  3. Was the worst 3 days in my Eve life!

    I think i managed to piss off 3/4 of the corp over 24 hours.........

    Moving over 1200 ships from Niwusa to Vale of the silent was a ridiculous task for a corp that 99% of the time just wants to shoot stuff!

    But we managed it mainly due to the comradary and teamwork that exists in this great corporation, tempers were frayed all weekend right up until we got the last ship here.

    Then the inevitable "just logged on, where do it need to put stuff to have it moved?" questions aaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhhhhhh lol.

    By 7pm on Monday night we had everything moved and at 7.01pm we were out on a room looking for trouble :)

    /emote tips hat to the awesome people in his corp.

  4. Well it seems to be worth it so far so job well done! I hope so I don't think we can survive another move too soon!