Monday, 1 March 2010


Well, here we are.

Now I never thought I would have the time, effort or energy to write a blog about anything let alone Eve but here I am practicing some self

I confess I find blogging a self indulgent hobby and really don't know why anyone would wish to spend their time reading the musings of an average fish in a very big pond but it's an idea I've had for a while. Since I first undocked back in 2006 I have grown considerably in dedication to the game and skill as a player. I finally began to feel I had something to give back to the community. And I confess the first glimpse of Spring outside is making me all excited and adding to my motivation.

In Eve you will mostly find me scouting round Black Rise as I hunt Caldari war targets or pirates. I am a Gallente FW pilot and at the time of writting also in the middle of a few war decs. I hope to make this blog a journal of my time in Eve, with some light RP, my usual sense of humour and a few tidbits of information I have discovered along the way.

Hope you enjoy reading o7

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