Tuesday, 23 March 2010

A record of the journey

Inspired by a recent post on Diary of a Bored Spaceman I decided to take a peek at this map function, which I too had not previously been aware of. It's a statistic highlighting option that lets you see all the systems you have previously visited. If you hover over the results in-game it also throws up the date of your last visit and how many times you passed through. Here are my results:

>>See larger full image<<

Every dot tells a story. The great blob of my high-sec mission running years makes my new life in Black Rise look rather slim. I see evidence of time spent on the cosmos missions and various evenings out probing. My pilgrimage to the Eve Gate is clearly visible which made me smile. My first trip to 0.0 also shows up, reminding me of a great night with friends many years ago on the trail of a combat site escalation (we made it home with a rather tasty Type-A mod). But what stands out the most is how far I have not been!

So, what does your map show?


  1. Thanks I did not know about this, my wife and I are going to try it out!

  2. You can also sort by "assets" which makes for quite a colourful map if you are messy like me.