Monday 7 June 2010

Recruiting in Eve Online [a guide]

I have written this guide to share tips and information on recruitment and how to successfully make use of the Eve-O recruitment forums. It is aimed at new corporations, clueless idiots and anyone who is interested in upping their new member intake.

Part 1 explains some of the ways you can recruit in Eve. Part 2 is a guide to using the Eve-O forum as a recruitment tool. Part 3 contains useful links and examples.

I have been responsible for recruitment in 2 Eve corporations; Revelation Space (pve/pvp) and Shadows of the Federation (pvp). I don't claim to be a master of recruiting but I have picked up a fair bit of experience having been doing this for over 3 years.

I hope this guide will become a useful tool to pass around - feel free to add your own tips and comments.

>> Part 1 : Methods of recruiting<<
>> Part 2 : How to successfully use the Eve-O forum for recruitment<<

>> Part 3 : Useful links<<


  1. /me runs off to show this to our CEO. Thanks! :)

  2. Let me know if it was helpful :)

  3. Coincidentally, Flashfresh and I co-authored an Insider's Guide to Recruitment that will appear in Issue #20 (July) of E-ON magazine! The EVE-O forums are a really good tool if you use them right. I've had great success with recruitment posts there.

  4. Thank you!

    Do you know of any available web tools that I can use/buy to automate manu of teh background checks (like skills, attributes, standings, anything available vio limited or even full API like wallet & ISK transfers, trades etc) ?

    I know many of the larger corp & alliances have in-house ones but I don't have the skills to write my own.