Tuesday 22 June 2010

Eve Offline?

Soo, the server is down tomorrow for maintenance. Don't Panic! Before the shakes set in check out my collection of out-of-game Eve fixes to brighten your spaceless day...


Krxon Blade presents some nicely put together and pretty hilarious Flash games and animations, a strong contender for the hours of procrastination award.


Join Professor Science as he takes you on a tour of the sights and sounds of New Eden! I really do have genuine feelings of love for this blog. It's unique and well put together, with great descriptions of various landmarks and player made sights within the game. The descriptions are detailed, well researched and complimented with quality screenshots and throughout it all comes a light touch of the Professor's endearing personality. If you are looking for a fascinating read or intending on doing a bit of touring yourself then this site is certainly worth a look.


Eve art with a twist. If you are not yet familiar with the amazing work of Kovad then check this out.


TheKiller8 has a little collection of Flash animations, OK some of them are very in-jokey and out of date but his Red Moon Rising expansion pee take (RMR, Blood n stuff) is still one of my favourite comedy eve videos so I thought it worth a mention.


If suddenly realising you spent 4 hours of your day reading random Eve Online player chat quotes fills you with a warm feeling inside then this is indeed the website for you. As an example of what I mean here are 2 gems I discovered this morning:


Neverblu > f*ck i just swallowed one of my balls

Tekka > o________0

Neverblu > tongue is double pierced ball fell off when i was chewing a cookie


Hanns > wtf the hanz

The Hanz > wtf?

Hanns > yeah WTF

Hanns > W T F


The Hanz > WHA!?

Hanns > dunno your name is liek mine but not

The Hanz > mine is the last name equivelent

Hanns > lol

The Hanz > plus, I have a "Z" in my name which makes me so much cooler

Hanns > i have a fucking extra N so beat that

Hanns > lol

The Hanz > You N is no match for the master Z

Hanns > dude N pwns Z coz if u rotate it 90 is IS A Z

Hanns > so HA

The Hanz > so we are even, your n is a young Z in disguise

The Hanz > thus putting us on equal ground



If however you are thinking of spending your eveless time creating your own art-work then this site is a great resource for big logos and also the Eve Alpha font.


The Concordokkened video, it's a classic.

And if you haven’t yet seen Clear Skies, well you're missing a treat...


Got any links to share?


  1. Thanks for the shout out, as well as the kind words!

    As for other sites to visit, I'd highly recommend just hanging out with the TweetFleet if you have twitter. Great way to waste hours, and its always active during extended downtimes :-D


    Fly safe,
    Mark726 (Professor Science is the name of the covops Buzzard I fly for EVE Travel, heh)

  2. Does it have to be eve related, or can I share the best clown on midget pr0n vid ever ?

  3. omg don't post that dirty link here! -.-