Thursday 10 June 2010

Out of my comfort zone

Sooo, the Alliance Tourny kicks off, which for me means plenty of friends and enemies watching the matches and not pvping, bleh. This has however given me an opportunity to fit my new toy out. A Nemesis, the Gallente Stealth Bomber.

I do love the (Tristan) hull, does it not look like it should be in a Transformers movie?

I've become rather addicted to flying tackle in general but fancied trying something new and admit it would be nice to dish out some DPS for a change, so I've been skilling up for Stealth Bombers over the last few weeks.

Last night I joined a roaming fleet, initially in an Ares but later on I swapped into Peepo (see above pic!) and rejoined the fleet. Now aside from messing about with my other-half on a station this was the first time I'd ever flown a SB in combat, and my God it was hard work.

I hadn't realised what a pain in the butt fleet roaming was going to be. My optimal range is around 50km but the fleet was moving about an awful lot, so I'd end up landing with the fleet at 0 on a gate only to be informed that targets were incoming. So then I'd have to get my slow ass backside out to range and cloaked before the incoming targets arrived... only to have to burn back to 0 again when the targets changed tact and the fleet started moving again... this "stop and start" type fleet movement is never a problem in a speedy 'ceptor but I found keeping up in the Nemesis to be a right blimin nightmare.
I also noticed the difficulty in staying cloaked when fellow fleet members wandered too close to me.

Neither the fleet or the nights targets were the best situation for a Stealth Bomber and I had constant pangs of longing for my Inty whenever stuff ran by that I would have liked to catch. But it was good to get out of my comfort zone and try something new. Before the night was up I even got myself onto 2 kills...

Whoremail 1
Whoremail 2

... buuut with 0 damage, doh. Not the best start, but a start non-the-less!

The Caldari Militia activity seems to have been a little quieter in my play time recently (in general that is, there have been a few big fleets out) but SOTF and the other MDP corps are now involved in 3 war-decs which should provide a bit more activity, and hopefully more opportunities for me to try my new toy out.

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  1. Ha! talk about coincidence; hadn't seen this post but glad to see I'm not the only person who struggles with being a SB in a mixed fleet. Thanks for pointing it out to me. The decloaking is an issue but when you're in the middle of a Noir. fleet, not so alarming :)