Sunday 27 June 2010


Yesterday the Mutual Defence Pact of the Villore Accords, formed in 2009 to defend against those who seeked to further weaken an already struggling Gallente Militia, was dissolved as a formal organisation.

The pact was formed between a group of corps. who needed each others help and support. As time went on some corps. left and new ones joined. The militia and the war with the Caldari went through various changes. Those corporations who remained in the pact also changed and grew.

The MDP grew beyond its initial scope and slowly starting taking on the role of a pseudo Alliance, but without any of the Alliance mechanics available to us (Alliances are not currently permitted to join Faction War militias therefore no formal Alliance can be formed from within any militia) and that was certainly one contributing factor to the MDP being closed.

Added to this are the inevitable differences in opinion, play-styles and ROEs between individual corporations. Trying to consolidate everyone into one manageable group all singing from the same hymn sheet became quite a headache. Too much time was being spent in meetings and discussion which meant less time on the field fighting for the cause that binds us all. The MDP was meant to help us pvp together, not make us all stop!

The initial need for war dec support was also less of an issue than it once had been. From an SOTF perspective we are now a much larger, better organised and far more able corporation than we were in August of last year. Several of the other MDP corps. have had similar journeys and as the saying goes what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger - we’ve all become stronger individually. I think it’s fair to say we probably all out grew our MDP.

But this is not the end. Whilst the MDP as a formal pact has gone SOTF and the other member corps. continue to fight, to fleet and to support each other just as much as we did before, but now without the headaches.

Last night I briefly joined a fleet for half an hour – our first fleet since the earlier events of the MDP being dissolved… there were a mix of Gal Militia corporations present on Vent and much joking around but it was also an effective and organised fleet. All the good things with non of the bad things, just a group of friends doing what they love best, and doing it well.

This is what the MDP’s highest core value was all about and this, the best part of it, will most certainly continue.

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