Monday 28 June 2010

The Faction War Interviews

Ahh Faction War, that black sheep of the Eve family. A pointless activity? A playground for noobs? Is it all blobs and role-play? Why DO people still join militias? More importantly what is it that keeps them playing? Why on earth do people fight over system control when it offers no rewards? What sort of players call the landscape of Faction War their home?

In an effort to answer questions like this and diversify this blog I am conducting a series of interviews/questionnaires with the familiar faces in Faction War. Initially Gallente and hopefully Caldari militia. Eventually I hope to include Minmatar and Amarr militia pilots also. Participants are invited to reply as in char or out of character as they wish.

If you are interested in being interviewed drop me an email at


1. Gallactica (Gallente Militia)
2. Julius Foederatus (Gallente Militia)
3. Aurora Nyx (Caldari Militia)
4. BacardiDesire (Minmatar Militia)
5. Lacco (Caldari State)
chatgris (Gallente Militia)
7....more to come!


  1. Hey, see my blog about FW from the Minmatar point of view...

  2. Hi Kuan - sorry just noticed your comment! I have added you to my blogroll :)

  3. I added you blog to my list of pilot logs as well... :)