Tuesday 6 July 2010

Impromptu Delights

I'd had a very busy day planet side so had not particularly intended to go fleeting on Sunday night but somehow I still ended up camping the Nourvukaiken gate in Tama.

It was pretty quiet and I decided I’d give it 30mins to pick up before calling it a night. The fleet I'd joined was a fairly mixed set up of BC and below with around 25ish pilots consisting of corp-mates and a few friendlies. Once again I was in my trusty Ares; I'm sorry I can't help it, I'm addicted to tackle (there's a rude joke in there somewhere).

Nothing was biting in Tama and it was generally pretty dead. Our FC decided to do a quick last ditch roam around the pipes before we'd call it a night. As we were about to leave Tama my not so better half, Rashmika, picked up some intel on a sizeable Caldari fleet out near Mesybier. We would not have been able to engage them successfully alone, however another of our fleet members was in conversation with a second Gallente Militia fleet, also on the hunt for something to play with. Combined we would make a better match for the enemy. As is sometimes the case in Blackrise you can spend a few hours thinking nothing is going to happen and then suddenly up comes the chance of a good scrap, but you have to move fast or the opportunity is lost.

We burned out towards Aldranette, each fleet taking a slightly different route so we didn't miss the targets potentially passing us by (and I guess there was always the risk of spooking them if we were spotted all together).

After a bit of warping about and some messy scouting we ended up in Eugales. The war targets were in system and aggressed on a friendly pilot but by the time we hit the gate they were fighting on it was too late and the Caldari fleet had warped off.

We moved off the gate but before we had time to consider our next move the second Gallente fleet arrived in Eugales, just as the Caldari landed on their in-gate... and the engagement kicked off! I'm reading this back as I've typed it and it all sounds very polite and straight forward but this all took place in less than a minute, there was a great feeling of urgency and agitation running through our pilots as we tried to set the fight up.

We landed on the 2 fighting fleets and what ensued was a pretty awesome skirmish. Fairly even numbers and a nice drawn out engagement. Excellent target calling from our FC (you know who you are) which was complimented beautifully by sensible and tidy point calling from our fleet tackle (if I do say so myself :P) followed by a big bunch of "gf"'s in local. Just the way I like it.

All in all a very satisfying fight and as it happens another victory for the combined Gallente fleets, though I hasten to add kudos to the Caldari for bringing it and not buggering off home.

Battlereport -note theres a few pilot duplications on our side of the report.

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