Monday, 26 July 2010

Random Ramblings

Couple of things in the pipeline for this blog, 2 guides are on the way, I think I have mentioned them before but one is a biiiiig Factional Warfare guide and the other a low-sec fleet tackler guide, again with FW pilots in mind but much of it will be relevant elsewhere.

I had somewhat underestimated how many of my fellow militia pilots would be unwilling to talk about themselves, I guess not everyone is as vain as me eh. I do however have a new FW interview in the oven and it should be posted up soon (tm) :-)

My darling, lovely, wonderful, amazing, super boyfriend has upgraded my PC. I have no idea what he did because my PC building knowledge does not extend further than extracting and cleaning old mouse balls... but what I do know is that for the first time ever I am playing Eve Online with all settings turned up to SUPER DUPER HIGH MAX T2 SHINY OMG ELEVENTYONE. So after years of everything on low with all effects turned off and no sound it feels like I've just been handed Eve Online for the first time! As such I have turned into a tourist and my PC is now filling up with Fraps clips and screenshots. I'm hoping to get working on a few videos soon, I just hope Microsoft Movie Maker can handle my shiny footage and directorial dreams.

Quar... Quata... er 4th
I did not participate in this months blog banter because I didn't feel I could add anything fresh or insightful over what has been said 100s of times already. But if anyone is interested and not seen it yet:

Bail Bail Bail!
Rixx at Eveoganda is running a rather fun sounding new event called Deathrace - Check it out!

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