Sunday 4 July 2010

Turning tides

It's been a slightly random week, my own activity stifled by rl comings and goings and a sudden surge in new recruit interest has kept me largely in station rather than in space. I'm still trying to work out what exactly I did whilst finishing 2 bottles of red between Monday and last night, meep.

However, for my corp-mates and indeed my militia it appears to have been quite a hectic seven days and every time I log in there is chatter of large Caldari fleets roaming the pipes.

The Caldari are certainly on the up. They are far more structured and stronger than they were at the start of the year. We have some very strong corps in the Gallente militia and whilst I think we do still have the upper hand it is undeniable that things are improving for our squiddy foe. The Caldari are showing much promise of things to come. Whether through out-numbering or out FC-ing Gallente have had things far too easy for some time now. We NEED the challenge of a greater foe, is such a foe on the way at last?

It has also been quite refreshing to see the Militia channel busy and bustling with fleet formation. A side effect of the MDP dissolving? Perhaps, I suspect it has at least contributed. The "block" has dispersed and it was certainly the right time for it. As someone who sat with the rabble of the general militia for many months it is very nice to see people using the channel to x up, ask questions, and actually DO something rather than just complain of boredom. Whilst it is early days there is a great deal more positive activity now in that channel than there was even just a month ago. I confess I am eager to spend some time in these fleets and connect with our new pilots; perhaps get back to my roots a little and be reminded of the chaos I first fell in love with. The big difference now of course is that I can actually help people get to grips with FW, well depending on how much wine I've consumed that is.

Internally SoTF is considering it's future and how best to move forward in the aftermath of the MDP's closure. I cannot comment on what exactly is under debate but lets just say I would like to go and give the me of 2 years ago a boot to the head for thinking that FW would be a politics free affair! Sadly many bones of contention once again lie with borked and nonsensical game mechanics regarding low sec space and Faction War. I do wish CCP would dedicate some time to looking at the issues and complaints raised by militia pilots. This is such a fantastic area of Eve, it desperately needs love.

I mentioned once before that Faction War is a liquid thing, something that doesn't ever stay the same for long. It should be no surprise therefore that a huge amount of change is currently going on in the Gallente v Caldari war. Is the tide about to turn once again?

Oh and Happy 4th of July to all the American Capsuleers out there o/

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