Saturday 10 July 2010

PERVS leave Factional Warfare

Amarr Militia and former Caldari Militia corporation Space Perverts & Forum Warriors have announced they are to leave Faction War for good.

The Gallente serving pilot in me screams for joy, huzzah! The most annoying, irritating and successful enemy militia corp that I have ever had to cross swords with are gone, viva la Gallente!

However for the person behind the character, the one that sees the wider picture of FW, this is a pretty sad moment and a bitter sweet goodbye.

From the moment I joined the Gallente Militia I became aware of the pain in the ass that is the PERVS. Their prolific (but entertaining) use of spys, their unbelievable dedication and efforts on plexing, their reluctance to fight unless they had a nasty trick up their sleeve, their tyrannic smack and frustrating forum trolling has made them one of the most challenging Caldari corporations in FW history. They constantly thought outside the box and as such are both admired and detested in equal parts and amongst all militias.

PERVS members are also largely held responsible for the Caldari taking ALL systems by Plexing on the Gallente Side about a year ago. I don't wish to downplay the incredible efforts of the dedicated Gallente plexers but it is telling that we only started to take systems back when the PERVS first defected to the Amarr militia many months later.

So why would I be downhearted about their departure? PERVS pushed boundaries, discovered holes, manipulated them and constantly tested the walls of Faction War mechanics. They irritated, they annoyed and they worked hard for what they believed in. They constantly highlighted issues for CCP (sadly in vain) and forced all of us, especially the Gallente militia pilots, to up our game. The PERVS were a constant challenge and their departure will leave a hole no other corp, that I know of at least, will be able to fill.

I'll simply finish this post with the infamous Disco video...

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