Monday, 12 July 2010

Up goes the heat in Black Rise

Well, what can I say other than it's going nuts round here! A combination of frequent large Caldari fleets and plenty of pirate gangs has lead to a week of many skirmishes and accompanying explosions. On top of this we currently have a war dec going with Haters Gonna Hate which has yielded a few scraps and yesterday we had some notice that a large pirate alliance may potentially be moving into Nisuwa... aiiieeeee.

Most notable evening for myself would have to be last Thursday. My corp-mates had already enjoyed quite a hectic night with several fleet engagements which lead to many kills and some painful battleship losses. So I was pleased that by the time I got round to x-ing up the action was still flowing.

We had a light gang of small, fast ships - the plan being to catch stragglers from the current large Caldari fleet that was moving around the systems. After a few small catches here and there we bumped into a slightly random group of Evoke Battleships, one of which was a Machariel, too tastey to be missed. We teamed up with another Gallente Militia fleet and, well, the results speak for themselves.

Next our fleet went off to Tama for a roam and ended up doing a little bit of high-sec tanking in Nourv, in the hope of a few kills but it was pretty quiet. Heading back down the pipes we got wind of the large Caldari fleet again... and then a message from the FC of the other Gallente fleet we had been working with on the Evoke kills. They were looking to engage the Caldari so we burned down to assist. We sped to Heydieles and landed just as the Caldari jumped through. Even numbers now but the hostiles had many more Battlecruisers as well as ECM. We chomped through their support before moving onto a few larger ships, then the bail call went out. Hell, it was a good fight.

The rest of the week has been a similar affair and all signs suggest this is to continue. Back Rise is certainly hotting up! It's good to know that our patience earlier in the year, when the Caldari were all but gone and pvp was dying, is now paying off. The Gallente honeymoon is certainly over.

Before I sign off I'd like to do a quick epeen wave (c'mon just a little one) for SoTF, who have recently surpassed Wolfy's position on the Gallente killboards. This makes Shadows of The Federation the current top Gallente militia killers of all time. Cool stuff! Now to try and get past the FDU lol \o/

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