Wednesday 27 October 2010

Fun stuff I totally missed out on...

NibbleTek have ended their campaign in the Caldari militia and moved out of Nisuwa. The final stats do not look too shabby for us at all, being down on kills but up on isk destroyed. This was no doubt assisted by the carrier kill, apparently Nibbles first ever Carrier loss. Kudos to the QCats and go us! Well I say us, but that doesn't actually include myself, having been tucked up in bed with a hot water bottle and lots of aspirin for much of the past fortnight.

I also missed out on a rather epic engagement with a Caldari militia fleet. The fight apparently lasted for about an hour, with both sides re-shipping to continue the pewpew. Long drawn out engagements like this are so much fun when they come along and I am gutted to have missed it. Stats from the Caldari board as ours was messed up:

Our war with The 8th Order is still active however little has gone on in terms of explosions so far. For our own part this is largely due to some recent developments which stem from our need to expand the corps pvp horizons. We have accepted an invitation to assist some old acquaintances out in 0.0 and the past few days have been busy setting up our new second base.

Last night I finally got myself online and out to null to check out the new area. I soon joined a bomber fleet being lead by our new IRed comrades.

We actually had a war with
Ishuk-Raata Enforcement Directive (IRed) a few months back over some faction war RP business (srs bzns!) in Intaki. Having a no smack policy and a top diplomat for a CEO no doubt assisted in things going full circle so that we are now working with them. Love how things turn out in this game sometimes.

I only had a short period of time with the fleet last night and to be honest found it all very slow-paced to what I am used to. I did however learn a lot about how to fly a bomber with bombs on it! You cannot use bombs in low-sec so this is a new experience for me. Sadly didn't get to actually fire any, but I look forward to blowing up my comrades by mistake very soon...

I logged after an hour, just as a second fleet was forming to chase some targets down. And what happened? I missed all the fun again! I'm going to have to start giving out my mobile number so I can get a heads up text when fun stuff is going on!

A promising start to our 0.0 adventures and I know my corp-mates are enjoying the new options for pvp and exploration. The move was intended to give our pilots more to do during quiet nights in Black Rise but I wonder if this will slowly drag our corporation away from Faction War for good? I hope not, but I can see many people falling in love with the place already.

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