Friday 8 October 2010

SISI: Character Creation

After reading a few posts from fellow bloggers on the Character Creation testing, currently available on SISI, I decided to give it a go. Certainly been a nice distraction from the lack of pvp going on in Black Rise lately.

I was very curious to see how CCP would implement this and I have to say it looks very promising. There is a full body and face “sculpting” mode which allows much customisation and the overall look is very “grown up” and Eve-like.

So after I finished playing about with my tits n arse I decided to try and re-create 2 of my characters. Eelis (Jin-Mei female) was actually pretty easy to do with the options currently available:

I love the new look! I want it now!! But my kooky trade alt (Sebiestor female) was much more difficult to re-create:

Not that I dislike how the character turned out (ginge 4tw!) but it was impossible to create anything that looked like the first portrait (which I will be sad to lose). I also don't really think it captures Sebiestor in any way either now that the "boney-paleness" is all gone.

No doubt there will be plenty of players out there who love their “weird” portraits and will be unhappy at having to “normalise” them. But if it gives you hope I did manage to create this little beauty:


Some things I hope will be available with the final set-up:

- Tattoos, piercings & weird cosmetic implants. I’d be very surprised if this wasn't available tbh.

- More extremes of facial features and hair colour options. Obviously they are trying to make a realistic look but I think a lot more could be offered before it got to the “cartoon” stage.

- Fatter body choices and different heights. I imagine capsuleers need to have a certain amount of fitness and physical prowess in order to do what they do but in a world where implants can allow various extremes surely some more variation could be expected?

- More differences between races. Despite what the dev-blog says I didn’t really see much of an extreme between the 2 races I had to play with. All hairstyles/make-up etc are currently the same – of course this may well change in the future, I hope it does.

I’m also wondering if a characters hair will be shown as cropped short if they get podded? I read this happening in the Empyrean Age book; it would be fun if it was implemented into the game!

It is early days at the moment and the system is not perfect or even finished by any means. But certainly looks very promising!

Dev Blog:

Download SISI Launcher tool:

Video posted on CK's Blog:

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