Thursday 14 October 2010

New targets!

Last week a rather formidable pvp corp, NibbleTek, joined the Caldari militia and moved into our home station in Nisuwa. On the back of this many other Caldari corporations are now growing a few balls and the result has been more entertainment than we've had in a loooonnng time (and ship losses lol). Nibble presents quite a challenge for us and one we are going to have to work hard to face up to, but my gawd it makes a nice change from chasing cloaky Hurricanes and camping dead gates in oversized fleets.

In addition, war appears to be kicking off with The 8th Order (who re-formed recently). I swear it's like waiting for a bus round here, you wait for 1 and then 10 come along at once.

However, even with this new upsurge in mutual explosions, as a corp. we've had to face up to the fact that Faction War has largely been dead for us for far too long. Our member activity picked up as expected in September but our Caldari foe appear to have largely lost their momentum of earlier in the year. It's all been quite disappointing.

After the loss of one prominent member (who no longer considered us enough of a pvp corp, it was a fair point) we opened the discussion on other directions we could take together. Should we go pirate? Move away? Change our tactics?

Change can be good of course, but it can also be a corporation’s death knell. All of our members are united in their addiction to Faction War and there will always be some people who don't ever want to do anything else. But the facts are plain and simple; there is not enough pvp round here to sustain our interest. We either shed more members or we start putting eggs in new baskets. So even with the recent developments in Nisuwa I expect to see the corp taking tentative steps into new directions.

In other news that has no particular title:

- SOTF pilot Lunara Yoshi has a very detailed drone guide featured in this months EON Magazine. I can’t buy the bloody thing but I hear it’s a very good guide! Part 2 of the guide will be in next months issue.

- I will be running a Christmas lottery during December. Prizes will have a Faction War theme and hopefully there will be a few little surprises in the prize pot also… cryptic I know!

- 11 days and I’m in a Hurricane, woowoo!



  1. Sounds fun!
    Nibbletek should definitely bring it. Expect lots of RR support and shiney ships. Those guys are rich. LOL
    BTW, where did you find that ares picture? It looks awesome.

  2. Hey missus, i think the fight is going well so far, but ive got some horrid bug and have been afk! The picture I actually made, its been photoshopped but only a the contast - its from a screenie! - I've got a few nice ones to post up soon. Hope your rl stuff is going ok!

  3. that should say "only the contrast"... meh back to bed for me...

  4. Cool Pic Eelis
    hey i was wondering if you have heard of Fallen Earth. its mmo that kind of reminds you of SWG back in the early days before the CU and NGE hit. i have a few keys for it that i could send your way if your interested

  5. Hey Cain, no i'd not heard of it before, but I had a quick google, I see it's got a Fallout 3 feel to it too, which I am a huge fan of. I might try the trial!