Wednesday 20 October 2010

In which I try to be all artyfarty

From the distinctive designs of Rixx Javix to the comical delights of Sassy B there are some truly amazing Eve Online artists out there. Just taking a look through the entries for the Eve Online: Create a Starship Contest it is pretty hard not to feel completely in awe of the talents of those blessed with creatively awakened brains.

Then there are people like me; People who have Photoshop and too much time on our hands but not much in the way of talent. Usually the result of such a combination is "art" like this or this or hmm yes this.

However, every now and then I do try and knock something up that actually looks kinda pretty. So, as I am currently "afk" with some horrid bug thing I thought I would use some time to post up a few of my less wtf? inducing Eve pictures. Hope you enjoy!

This first one one I call The Curse and it was made for a corp competition. It's a bit cheesy but I like it, so much so that it is currently set as my desktop. The full text says and the stars will call to you... hero, warrior, leader, capsuleer... for you are the immortal, though your gift may be your curse. Which in a less RP sense simply means "Welcome to Eve Online, please stand-by to be exploded." (click small pic to view a bigger version)

Here is another version of the Ares picture I used in my previous post. The screenshot was taken using the super zoomed in option you can achieve with the Advanced Camera options. This magnified the distant stars. I then messed about with the contrast/brightness to varying degrees. I shall call this one Ares Waiting because knowing me I probably was waiting for a target whilst I took the shot. (click small pic to view a bigger version)

This one is called Rifter in warp because that is what it is! (click small pic to view a bigger version)

And here is Rifter in warp part 2. This was originally a very dark screenshot so I adjusted the light/contrast/colours a bit and all the details came out. Felt wrong to play about with it much more than that. (click small pic to view a bigger version)

This one is ode to Julius Feoderatus, an old FW buddy who recently quit the game. This is his Enyo, we were sat around waiting for AAGEES for the rest of the fleet to hurry up and meet us at a safe spot. It looks kinda angry with it's "teeth" there, so I've called it Angry Enyo is waiting for YOU. (click small pic to view a bigger version)

Potentially more screenshot than "art" to be honest as I've just adjusted the lighting/contrast very slightly. But it's pretty and it's my blog so I'm posting it. It is called "Camping regional gates is really stupid". (click small pic to view a bigger version)

And finally, I call this one Overdressed because naff all came after our shiney blob. (click small pic to view a bigger version)

And for anyone who noticed... yes I did post this accidently, half way through writing it... I'm poorly ok!


  1. Nice pictures. Like the 2 riftersa in warp specially, but might be bit biased beeing a minnie pilot :-)

  2. Ooo, very nice. But I had a good enough comp to take decent screenshots I always assumed it was super easy (JUST SPIN YOUR CAMERA AROUND THE SHIP AND CLICK!) but I really have issues getting good lighting, perspective, etc.

    Very well done though. I especially like the first Rifter.

  3. ye me too like both rifters, but second is better.. 1st one could do with a bit less sharpening